Felony Charge Looms If Cat Died From Heroin Smoke

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Irresponsible is the kindest word for this woman’s actions if they are in fact as described. Police responding to a domestic disturbance call found Muffin the cat in distress and, while several people tried to help, the cat later died. The boyfriend says the woman blew heroin smoke in Muffin’s face.

This is 21 year old Danielle Blankenship of Boulder CO who is currently charged with  misdemeanor animal cruelty and third degree assault. Police responding to a domestic disturbance call from Danielles’ boyfriend, who says she hit him, found the cat laying unresponsive at the foot of a staircase when they arrived. The boyfriend told the officers that Danielle had been smoking heroin and had blown smoke in Muffin’s face. Danielle denies all charges, as well as the accusation that she smokes heroin.

When the officers were unable to rouse Muffin – and thank you to them for trying – they called in the department’s Animal Control division. Animal officer Janee Boswell says that when she arrived on the scene the cat was incoherent and exhibiting signs of poisoning, similar to that resulting from exposure to household chemicals or other toxic substances.

Veterinarians from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley treated Muffin for poisoning. After receiving fluids, she (?) began to rally, but later went downhill and, after bring rushed to the Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic, died that same night.

A necropsy with toxicology testing is being conducted on poor Muffin to determine what caused her death. If drugs are found in her system Danielle Blankenship can be charged with felony animal cruelty.

A supplemental report filed by animal control includes more detail on Blankenship and the boyfriend’s statements. The boyfriend, Robert Thompson, when asked whether he knew anything about Muffin and any drug or toxin exposure, contradicted his previous remarks about Blakenship blowing smoke in Muffin’s face, saying neither he nor she had done anything to the cat. He indicated that he doesn’t care for cats, so had little contact with Muffin. In addition to denying smoking heroin, Blankenship said she would never hurt the cat and that the cat was very old. Animal Control estimates that Muffin was between 3 and 5 years old.

What we glean from this information from the supplemental report is that the two attempted to alter their remarks to help their legal standing, and that the lame attempt to suggest Muffin had died from old age does not speak well for Blankinship or her ability to talk her way out of things.

We will try to follow up on this case and if Muffin is proved to have died from heroin exposure we will support efforts to encourage rigorous prosecution and punishment for the person who poisoned her. It appears that the prosecutor has not yet decided whether to charge the felony, so encouragement may be helpful.

Muffin was the boyfriend’s roomate’s cat. The roomate is not facing charges.

Note: We are uncertain of Muffin’s gender and, for now, are guessing “she”. We will correct ourselves if that is not the case.

26 thoughts on “Felony Charge Looms If Cat Died From Heroin Smoke”

  1. Indeed: She deserves no less a sentence than if she did that to her flesh-and-blood child.

  2. The author of this article wanted to refrain from calling her White trash and POS… so I will gladly do it for them. This poor excuse for a human being is nothing but White Trash & and huge POS. Her own boyfriend called the cops on her…

  3. There is a reason they refer to addicts as ‘fiends’. There are no good decisions when you’re high . . .

  4. If this had been a child, the egg donor (she’s not a mother) would be in jail for child endangerment/homicide. Clearly, she’s fried the 2 brain cells God gave her. She’s stupid as a turnip. Boyfriend should be charged too. Again, tragedy…the wrong one died

  5. This is horrible! People need to wake up! Even smoking around animals is bad. The poor little cat. Animals are so filled with unconditional love and this is how they are treated. 🙁

  6. i say shes a waste of skin i seen a sick thing yesterday where a guy was charged with raping a dog whats wrong with these people is it lack of morals brain cells

  7. I am so sorry for Muffin. May she rest in peace and run free at the Rainbow Bridge. She will find only love and caring and lots of friends there. The amount of horrendous acts toward animals by people is why stricter laws are needed against animal abusers.

  8. how is that possible that a stupid human behave in that way – the poor poor cat – what on earth has she done? Annimals – and even cats are the most innocent creatures in the world.

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