Feline Fit: Cat Fitness Video Three-fer

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Gentle exercise and dance routines for feline fitness: Barbie’s Cat Work Out for the Extra Fluffy – A Tribute to Donna Summer – How Cats Stay in Shape

Barbie’s Cat Work Out for the Extra Fluffy, by Ashley Reign (of Sh*t Southern Girls Say fame)


A Tribute To Donna Summer, by MsRandomnotes1.


How Cats Stay in Shape, by Beekalmer. Watch Mr. Muggles during his work out to stay in tip top physical shape and meet Mr. Muggles’ gym partners Eli and Bongo.

2 thoughts on “Feline Fit: Cat Fitness Video Three-fer”

  1. well I never saw such a bunch of fat cats in my whole life. their owners should be ashamed. not nice!

  2. If you’re just going to get on here to make mean comments like that then don’t watch them. Cats can get fat just like over half the people and kids that make up America, for all you know they were adopted like that. The whole point of this first one even says on the youtube site their owners are trying to help them loose weight, that’s how it was inspired. You should be ashamed judging people you never met, that’s not nice either.

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