Fearless Fred

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Photo: Flickr Creative Commons

Earlier this month, a Palm Desert mother and son found a nearly-dead orange kitten on the side of the road.  Thanks to their quick action, compassion, and refusal to give up, “Fred” found the medical care he desperately needed.

Mary Ann Guillory first thought the object on the side of the road was a palm frond, then an owl. To her horror and sadness, she finally realized it was a kitten, so scrawny and covered in feces, she barely recognized him as a cat. He could barely lift his head and Guillory knew if she didn’t seek care for him, his fate would be sealed.

She cleaned him up, and then the struggling, single mom who could barely afford to put food on the table for her herself and her 14-year-old son, began calling local veterinary clinics and rescue organizations, hoping to find one that would help her at no charge.

She soon landed at Lend A Paw, who recommended Save-a-Pet in Desert Hot Springs. There, a veterinarian informed her Fred would need surgery in both eyes, and would definitely lose sight in one eye. The medical staff informed Guillory the eye infection most likely sprung from an untreated upper respiratory virus.  Everyone involved called Fred a fearless fighter with a strong will to live.  Even though Fred’s vision is compromised, Guillory’s is clear: she and her son plan to love Fred unconditionally and welcome him into their family.

To contribute toward Fred’s medical costs, send a donation to:
Lend A Paw
PO 132
Cathedral City, CA

8 thoughts on “Fearless Fred”

  1. Thank you, Mary Ann and son, for saving this little soul. We need more people like you in this world.

  2. Poor kitty I wanted to donate money to lend a paw but let me tell you why I decided not to. Before I donate to any nonprofit organization I look at their 990 reports found on guidestar or the attorney general of ca website. I noticed on the 990 reports and RRF 1 reports that lend a paw has hundreds of thousands of dollars but over many years has only used a very small percentage on the animals. I noticed that they have there money well over $400,000.00 sitting in back accounts and wonder why more of that money has not been used on the animals. I also noticed that lend a paw has a deliquent status with the attorney general which makes me nervous. I think that lend a paw needs to pay for this kittens complete care and not ask the public for money considering they have so much money that has not been used.

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