Fawkes Goes Home: Stray Kitten Injured in Car Engine Recovers and is Adopted

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Fawkes poses with his adopter, Caitlin, who rushed to the shelter as soon as she heard he was ready to find his new home.


A kitten who lost some toes and part of his tail after seeking warmth in a car’s engine compartment earlier this winter has recuperated from surgery and gone to his forever home with a woman who followed his story.

Fawkes was found on January 4, clinging to a branch of a tree in Burlington, Wisconsin, with injuries to his toes and tail.  He had fractured hind toes and his tail was broken in half. He was taken to the Wisconsin Humane Society, in Milwaukee, where staff felt he had climbed up into a car and sustained his injuries when the engine was started.

The kitten had surgery to amputate several toes, along with nearly half of his tail, and spent several weeks recuperating.

The shelter let Facebook fans know on Tuesday, February 18 that Fawkes was ready to find his new home, writing: “Fawkes is just 3 months old and he’s already lost several toes and part of his tail. The poor kitten was found as stray and, though we can never know for sure, we believe he was trying to find warmth near a car’s engine when he was injured. Fawkes lived with our Dr. Langston to ensure a full and speedy recovery.”

It did not take long for the link to Fawkes’ adoption listing to be deactivated. A woman who had followed his story and progress closely wasted no time in adopting him.

Wisconsin Humane Society wrote at Facebook with the happy update today, saying: “Caitlin and her fiance had been diligently following Fawkes’ story since first hearing about his situation. After routinely checking our website every day, she saw his picture move to our Available Animals gallery today and immediately jumped in the car. Caitlin said that the drive was the longest 45 minutes of her life – she couldn’t wait to get here! Between Caitlin’s gasps of “he’s so gorgeous!” and Fawkes’ loud purrs, it was clear they were the perfect match Fawkes now lives in West Allis with two kitty siblings and two very loving parents. Congratulations, little guy!”







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