FatBoy’s Rescue

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BFatBoy, via Facebook


FatBoy was rescued by Canopy Cat Rescue on Monday from his perch up a tall tree in Bonney Lake, Washington, where he’d been stuck for 2 days.

The scared kitten cried for help and then quickly switched to showing affection to his rescuer before coming back down to safety.

Canopy Cat Rescue wrote about the rescue at Facebook on Monday, saying:

“FatBoy kitty needed our help today in Bonney Lake. He was stuck about 40ft in a fir tree for two days. FatBoy was so anxious for me to get to him, he was head-butting my rope and climbing gear as I climbed. I don’t even need to tell you he was a sweet boy…I mean, just look at that face! His family was so happy to have FatBoy back home.”

FatBoy’s rescuers also noted that the big kitten loves to make biscuits, which we see him doing in his helmet-cam rescue video, seen below.

FatBoy’s petmom Vanessa Anderson expressed her gratitude to the rescuers and shared her love of her kitty at the Facebook post, saying: My beautiful baby boy is safe thanks to u guys….. I’m so happy as is he. Couldn’t be more thankful for u guys rescuing my baby.”

Responding to someone’s comment on FatBoy’s good looks, Vanessa said: “When he walks he reminds me of a Siberian tiger he is …  so big and gentle.”

Canopy Cat Rescue‘s Shaun Sears and Tom Otto have the perfect combination of skill sets for the job; expert climbing skills and the abilities of true cat whisperers.

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Watch FatBoy’s rescue:


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