Fashion Show Debate: Cats Hate (Don’t Mind) Costumes

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(Credit: Dana Reszutek)

Cat lovers enthusiastically endorse causes that help felines. But they don’t agree on whether cats should be dressed up in costumes. That came through in comments posted on social media after the 10th annual Cat Fashion Show in New York City at the  historic Algonquin Hotel, the site of a charity event expected to raise  $10,000 for the worthwhile Alliance for NYC’s Animals.

“Great cause,” wrote Ann Hartman Massaro on the Facebook page for Matilda the Algonquin Cat. “But horrible if you love cats. Matilda, I am sure you have to have a lot of catnip to see your beasties suffering so.”

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(Credit: Dana Reszutek)


And this one from Jill Hoskins: “Oh, no….please don’t put clothes on cats…they hate it! I’m sure Matilda the Queen of the Algonquin does not approve, either!” 
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(Credit: Dana Reszutek)


To which the Matilda the Algonquin Cat  herself issued this plea:  “FURiends – you need to understand all my MEWdels FURiends are PURRfesionals and love what they do. You need to understand I would never have anyone do what they don’t like to do – MEWdeling is a whole unexplored world that I am FURtunate to know.” And this: “No one is suffering FURfriends. They are PURRfesionals.”
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(Credit: Dana Reszutek AM New York)

Attendees paid $50 to watch the cats, with proceeds going to the charity. The evening’s theme was  “Through the Decades” and paid homage to the “iconic looks of the hotel’s most famous guests and patrons, including Al Hirschfeld, Michael Feinstein, Marilyn Monroe, John Barrymore and many more,” according to AM New York online.

The felines were dressed  in clever and creative apparel by animal fashion designer Ada Nieves,  as reported by AM New York.

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(Credit: Dana Reszutek)

These cats look pretty relaxed. Still, some ailurophiles think that dressing up cats is an affront to feline dignity. What do you think?

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