Farmer Saves Kittens From Flood With Ingenuity, Broom Handle, and Baby Wipe Container

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Farmer Duncan Bridges shows off a rope and bucket used for attempting to rescue kittens from a flood. (Photo: CBC)

When Farmer Duncan Bridges and his stepdaughter, Jaelyn, heard kittens crying from somewhere inside the walls of the barn, that was scary enough. When you add the high waters of St. John River and Grand Lake, they knew they had to do something…and fast.

With 4 to 5 inches of water already on the barn floor, Duncan used the flashlight on his phone to locate the tiny kittens who were between the interior and exterior wall.

“I’m thinking that [the mother] had the kittens in there, went out to find food, and the water came up so quick she couldn’t get back in,” Bridges told the CBC.

“We thought, better get them out of there, better get them out than stay there and die.”

Cat Rescue
The two rescued kittens are now warm and safe after their frightening experience. (Photo: Oromocto SPCA)

Creating a makeshift retrieval device, the first kitten walked right into the bucket and was extracted.  The second little one was more difficult, but a resourceful Duncan cobbled together a scoop from a baby wipe container and a broom handle and was able to get the other one out. Sadly, a third kitten died.

The kittens are now with the Oromocto SPCA, where they are being cared for an will soon be put up for adoption, warm, safe, and far away from the raising flood waters of Bridges Farm.

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