Family of cats dumped like waste near sewage works

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A mama cat and her kittens who were abandoned near a sewage facility and recycling center were saved when someone noticed them and took them to get help.

Given the location, it seems to their caregivers that they were dumped like waste.

An animal charity is appealing for information after the little family of ginger cats were left cruelly abandoned in a cat carrier next to a sewage works on West Mill Lane in Sherborne, Dorset, UK.

The orange tabby mother cat and her two four-month old kittens were found by the roadside on a lane that leads up to Sherborne’s household recycling center last week. A member of the public spotted them on their way to work Wednesday morning and immediately took them to a local vet who then called the RSPCA for help.

The cats were found to be crawling with fleas and the mother was suffering from a case of diarrhea.

RSPCA inspector Ken Snook who is investigating the case said: “Leaving these cats down a lane inside a cat carrier is irresponsible and it could have potentially put the lives of these animals at risk. If they hadn’t have been spotted by a passer by that day then there could have been much more devastating consequences.

“We understand that sometimes people can face unexpected difficulties in life and this can mean a crisis when it comes to their pets but there are organisations out there that can help when times get tough and there is no excuse to dump any animal in this way. People need to be aware that not only are incidents such as this unthinking and callous but they are also a criminal offence.

“If anyone thinks they may have seen anything suspicious this week in the West Mill Lane area or if they happen to know more about what might have happened to these cats or how they got there, I urge you to please get in touch with me as soon as possible in the strictest confidence on our inspector appeal line.”

Mama and her kittens have been treated for their issues and are said to be happy and healthy in RSPCA care.





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