Family finds missing cat online after 6 years

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Taz, back home with Gracie and Rob Evans . Photo, Julian Brown/published in The Visitor.


A family who lost their cat six years ago found her again earlier this month, on the day they decided to look for another cat. She was listed for adoption at a local shelter.

Taz went missing from her Lancaster, UK home in 2008, shortly after the sudden death of her family’s other cat, Mia. As time passed with no sign of Taz, her petparents, Rob and Val Evans, eventually gave up hope that she was still alive.

The family, which includes the couple and their two children, never got another cat after the loss of Mia and Taz, and finally decided to adopt again earlier this month.

On December 5, the Evans’ checked out available cats at Cats Protection UK’s, Lancaster and Morecambe Branch, and were both stunned and overjoyed to see Taz and her very distinctive markings in an adoption photo where she was called Babe.

Val immediately communicated with the rehoming centre by writing under Babe’s photo at Facebook and sending photos to the centre confirming that Babe was really the long-lost Taz.

Cats Protection UK’s, Lancaster and Morecambe Branch had described Babe at Facebook on December 3, saying: “Babe is the sweetest cat you will find. She is around 7 years old and loves being around people, she loves snuggling down next to you in bed or on a chair with her paws in the air whilst you rub her belly. Babe also lives to be brushed.”

Val Evans wrote on the comment thread beneath’sBabe’s photo, saying: “We have just spoken to Eileen and emailed her loads of pictures…. This is our cat Taz that went missing over 5 years ago! We’re overjoyed she’s still alive and are desperate to have her back!”

Rob Evans also wrote on December 5, saying: “Well I can’t believe it after over 5 years of thinking my cat Taz had died, today I went on Cats protection website to look at getting a kitten and to my amazement I found my cat and will be picking her up tomorrow.

“Thank You to everyone at Cats protection for looking after her.”

Taz’s family collected her, and she was back home with them at long last on December 6.

Rob wrote again on the 6th, saying: “After getting two sisters back in 2001 from Lancaster Animal Care as kittens with severe cat flu , sadly in 2008 Ali passed away and not long after Taz went missing and yesterday I decided to look at getting a kitten and looked on Lancaster and Morecambe Cats Protection website and to my amazement spotted Taz which was a big shock as we thought she had died.

“I’m delighted to announce she is back with us and can’t thank Cats Protection enough for taking great care of her, it has made our Christmas being reunited with her.”

Val updated everyone, saying later: “Taz has been with us for two days and has settled back in so well. We are overwhelmed and overjoyed to have her back! The children adore her and she loves being petted by them so much.”

The local newspaper and website The Vistor reported on the story and spoke with the Evans’, a representative from Cats Protection and Taz’s foster carer:

“We arranged to go and collect her from the foster carer,” Val told The Visitor. “My husband has a really gravelly voice and she recognised it.

“It was a really lovely reunion. We never had another pet since she went missing and we found her the first time we went on the website, it’s bizarre, a twist of fate.”

Val said: “Charlie [the family’s 8 year old son] remembers her and he often used to talk about her. Gracie [their 4 year old daughter] is mad on animals and she is just over the moon.

“Rob was always more attached to Taz and he was over the moon as well.

“She just loves being stroked and she is being a house cat now!

“What a Christmas present!”

Cats Protection homing officer Eileen Evans said: “I am absolutely delighted that Babe/Taz has found her way home.

“Everyone at the Lancaster & Morecambe Branch of Cats Protection is a volunteer and we all work tirelessly to help needy cats in our area.

“I have been involved with Babe from when she was first rescued and she was a very poorly girl.

“To know she is back with her family again is fantastic and we wish her and her family all the very best.”

Fosterer Julie Wilding said: “I am over the moon for Babe/Taz.

“She was my first foster cat when I started volunteering for the Lancaster & Morecambe Branch of Cats Protection at the beginning of the year and she has been with us on and off all year. It is such an incredible story and I’m so glad that she is back where she belongs.”


Taz, in the adoption photo where she is called Babe.


Taz, in the photo her family posted to the Cats Protection Lancaster and Morecambe Facebook page.

Taz, then called Babe, purrs like a little lovebug in a video made by her foster caregiver, Julie:

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