Family Finds Missing Cat 12 Days After Car Accident

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Sometimes life has a way of surprising you, and for the Egan family, this surprise came right in time for the holidays.

In November, the Egan family was driving their minivan during a move. The whole family was in the van, including 7-year-old Russian Blue Cleopatra Pepper Egan, as well as the family’s dog, Irene. Things suddenly turned tragic when the van crashed. Irene ran off, was hit, and died. Cleopatra disappeared.

The family assumed that Cleopatra had died and began the process of mourning both their cat and their dog.

Then, 12 days later, they received a call from a kind stranger who had found Cleo in a barn, still wearing her collar. The Egan children, ages 5, 3, and 1, were elated to hear that their cat was alive and well. A stranger also offered to drive Cleopatra the 375 miles back to her family, so they could be reunited for Christmas.

Sometimes you need a little hope, a little something extra to help lift you up. A holiday miracle? Luck? Whatever the reason, the Egans are delighted to have Cleopatra back home.

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  1. I’m glad the cat was OK, but why do people travel with their animals uncrated? When I did a cross-country move, I put my kitty into a hard shell carrier and strapped it carefully into the back seat with seat belts! I also drove carefully and during daylight hours.

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