Everday Miracles: Wounded Cat Brought Back to Life

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(Treehouse Cats Humane Society)

When a good samaritan found Lovely the cat on the streets of Chicago in April, she was in so much pain she tried to bite anyone who touched her. Her rescuer took her straight to the Treehouse Humane Society clinic, where the staff went to work treating her severe facial wounds. But that wasn’t the end of Lovely’s problems. She was also infected with a potentially lethal respiratory virus that caused horrible lesions on her mouth and tongue.

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It was almost impossible for her to eat. The dedicated caregivers at Treehouse didn’t give up on her, however. They went to work right away, fighting to save her. They cleaned her wounds and treated her with pain medication, steroids, antibiotics, eye creams and nebulizer treatments. Slowly, Lovely began to improve and live up to her name. “She kicked the virus, had a better appetite, and began to trust people more and more each day. All in all it took two months of TLC and care from our staffers and volunteers to get Lovely healthy again.”

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(Treehouse Humane Society)

Her transformation is amazing. And she is available for adoption. To learn more about Lovely or the award-winning Treehouse Humane Society, where miracles happen daily, you can visit their Website.

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