Eve Finds a Home

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A week ago, we were about to leave the shelter empty-handed. Then my wife put this kitten in my arms, who promptly placed a paw on either side of my chin and began licking my beard. This is Eve, and she has a home for Christmas.

Reddit user CrexisNX shared how a kitten named Eve found herself a home for Christmas, and forever. CrexisNX is an experienced and responsible cat lover who adopts from the shelter when it’s time to bring another cat into the home.


3 thoughts on “Eve Finds a Home”

  1. I am so glad little Eve found a home! She is just adorable….black/white bicolors are always my favorites. She is especially sweet. <>

    Just wanted to say, tho, that it is also a good thing to find a kitten bred by a responsible breeder if you are looking for particular physical or behavioral characteristics, or just have a favorite “look” or breed in mind. There is no such thing, for example, as a “Part Maine Coon.” They are either pedigreed Maine Coons with papered parents or they are mixed breed lovelies who also deserve homes. Just be sure what you are getting.

    But I volunteer at my local shelter because I want to help the mixed breed babies find homes. They are precious but may need more work to become the socialized little luv you want in your special kitty. They are often worth it, tho!

  2. There is NO reason to breed cats with the shelters overflowing and the euthanasia rates sky high. PLEASE, do not breed. The BEST cats in the world come from shelters or the streets. ADOPTION is the only answer to the overpoulation crisis. SPAY AND NEUTER, PLEASE PEOPLE!!!!!!

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