Escaped Pet Exotic Cat Causes Students to Shelter In Place

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Image source: Katelin Howell via Facebook
Image source: Katelin Howell via Facebook

When a woman’s pet carcal escaped on Thursday morning, local students at the Morrish Elementary School were instructed to shelter in place until the cat was found.

Ameera, a 40-pound carcal, escaped from Katelin Howell’s house during what Howell believes was an attempted break-in. Howell took to Facebook to spread word of the missing cat out of concern that the cat wouldn’t find her way home.

Howell posted the following: “Riley’s Caracal is missing! We woke up this morning to our screen busted out & our window open. We have already contacted the police department & talked to some neighbors.

Ameera will NOT come to you. She’s a submissive cat but would be more scared of you than you are of her.”

Howell explained that Ameera did not have a “return home” sense, and that the cat would roam up to a six mile radius.

Carcals are exotic cats which resemble cougars. They eat small mammals and birds, and are usually nocturnal.

The Swartz Creek Community Schools implemented the shelter in place order as a precaution. Luckily, Ameera was found safely and is now back at home.

3 thoughts on “Escaped Pet Exotic Cat Causes Students to Shelter In Place”

  1. All cats are not :”domestic” they allow us to help them in return for food. This Caracal is probably better treated that most pets who are allowed to wander outside “because it just wants to”. Domestic and “wild animals are only kept alive if they are valuable to mankind. Thus minks are hunted as vermin and practically extinct in the wild as they aret of no use to us there.

    This family has chosen carefully to have this caracal in their lives, they seem to be very responsible and I get so tired of people mouthing off in regard to things they know nothing about. Until we start saving the habitats for these animals to live in and restrict the poaching and outright right slaughter of wild animals “since they are wild” if someone provides a clean, healthy, responsible. full belly and soft bed life for any animal I judge them not.

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