Emma Lou the Cat is Rescued from House Fire

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Sgt. Rick Gillespie of the Blackman-Leoni, MI fire department  holds an oxygen mask over the Emma Lou’ the cat’s face, as she is held by JD, who declined to give his last name, on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at the scene of a house fire in Leoni Township.
Photos, Michelle Tessier / MLive.com


Emma Lou the cat was rescued by firefighters who found her hiding under a bed in her burned Leoni Township, Michigan home and treated her with oxygen at the scene.

Two adults and an infant got out of their burning home safely after a fire started in the attic on the evening on March 18. Emma Lou remained inside until firefighters were able to enter the home and conduct a search.

Blackman-Leoni fire department Sgt. Rick Gillespie gave Emma Lou oxygen from a pet oxygen mask as a precaution, to help revive her and treat her for possible smoke inhalation.

“That’s the first time I’ve done that,” Sgt. Gillespie told  a reporter with MLive.com. “[The] cat seemed fine, it was purring after getting some oxygen, so that’s a good sign.”

Photo from the scene of the fire show Emma Lou being treated with the pet oxygen mask and comforted by people who appear to be her family.

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