Embers, Burned Cat With a Will to Live Recovers

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Embers was one of 14 cats whose Brockton MA home burned last month. Her face was singed, the pads of her feet were burned off, and her future was uncertain. Her friendliness and will to live shone through, she got care, and she is recovering nicely.

The 14 cats’ guardian signed them over to the city at the scene of the fire in February. Two died in the fire, two were euthanized, six were missing, and the other four were taken into care by the Animal Protection center of Southeastern Massachussets. Three weeks later, the other three cats have been adopted, one by a Brockton firefighter, and Embers is on the mend. Embers is staying at Lloyd’s Animal Medical Center in Stoughton, where she is receiving care.

Lloyd’s staffer, and Embers’ current foster caretaker,  Tiffany Beaulieu, talks about Embers in the video below. Embers is thought to be about 3 years old.

APCSM is paying for Embers’ medical care, and is accepting donations to help with the costs. The shelter has spent more than $3,000 on medical care for the burned cats, including Ember, through its Life is Precious fund, which provides emergency medical care for surrendered animals.

Embers will have some permanent scarring on her face, but her paws are expected to fully heal. Her caregivers think she will be ready for adoption a couple of months from now.


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  1. What a sweetie little Embers is,just watching her miow at the camera just breaks your heart i so hope she keeps on fighting and gets better soon so she can find a loving home.She is soooo beautiful.

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