Embers and Harley

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Check out Embers’ interesting “fighting stance”.

11 thoughts on “Embers and Harley”

  1. It’s clear that the cat is in a playful “fighting” stance. A cat in a real fight would *never* expose the belly like that. It would mean sure death!

  2. My Kitty’s always lay on their backs to play/fight like that. It’s their way of saying “Bring it on”. They actually have the advantage because they can getchya with all 4 sharp ends.

  3. Definitely better w/o the commentary. As for the stance, that is the position of a cat that feels absolutely NO threat from that dog. Very cute.

  4. Alicia, it’s a trap! They roll on their back and you think you can get their cute belly, but they get you with the sharp ends every time.

  5. Every cat I’ve seen defending itself adopts that “stance”. It may expose the soft underbelly, but you have to get through their lightning-fast and razor-sharp claws to get to it. Nice to know there’s another cat named Embers, though.

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