Ellen Degeneres Rescues Sick Kitten

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show's photo Check out the kitten I rescued. It's living with a chicken at the @GentleBarn! Photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show on WhoSay

Comedienne and talk show host Ellen Degeneres is a well-known animal lover and supporter of rescue organizations, but she walked the talk last week when she rescued a sick stray kitten who’d lost her litter-mates.

Degeneres, the mom of two dogs and three cats, came home with more than she’d bargained for when she was furniture shopping last week in L.A. While walking through a furniture store, she zoned in on a tiny, scraggly, kitten perched on an ottoman. She asked the shop owner about the baby and he told her the kitten was one of an abandoned litter of three; the other two had recently died.   Being the compassionate, generous soul that she is, she asked the shop owner if she could take the dehydrated, flea-ridden, hungry cat to the vet and pay for any medical costs involved.

After the vet examined the kitten and provided fluids, Ellen took the prescription for antibiotics…and the kitten…home. She and wife Portia de Rossi named her Ridiculous, citing her ridiculous cuteness. She nursed the little Tortie cat back to health and then contacted local animal sanctuary, The Gentle Barn, asking if they could help find her a forever home.

As of now, there is no current news as to the kitten’s adoption status, although we are certain that baby will soon be adopted (if she hasn’t already — look at her!)

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  1. Caren – Could be lots of reasons they are trying to find it another home. Their other cats and dogs may not get on with a new one for instance. And I have to say, I love those that can foster pets like that until they find homes for them. I could never do it. I’d have TONS of cats around here. 🙂

    Also, the article keeps saying “him” when talking about the cat. I’m betting it’s a girl though since it is a Tortie. Male Torties are extremely rare.

    Good luck the Ridiculous.

  2. The kitty in the picture above is a tortie! Torties are usually always females, if they are a male they are usually sterile. So why do they keep calling it a male?

  3. I Googled The Gentle Barn and there is no mention of this kitty or any pictures. Do you have a link that might have more on this story. That is such a cute kitten.

  4. Life with Cats: I was wondering the same thing about why that kitty was in the store? I could see if it were a 2nd hand store, but not a store Ellen might shop at. Nothing like bringing flees or bedbugs home from a furniture store. I’ll check out their FB page. I’m just happy Ellen found the kitty. Thanks. Joyce Yoho

  5. You are absolutely correct, Susan, and The Gentle Barn confirms that SHE is a girl. Pardon our blonde moment, if you will.

  6. Life with Cats: I see you just posted the picture of her. Thanks. She is so beautiful. I joined their Facebook site and there was no mention of this being the kitty found by Ellen or any story at all about the kitty, only the photo and that she needs a home. The picture was posted by them on July 9th and doesn’t say whether she has been adopted. Maybe they were overwhelmed with publicity and decided to remove all references to Ellen. I asked them if this was the kitty rescued by Ellen. You would think they would want all the publicity they could get. There were no videos of this kitty.

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