Edinburgh Woman Seeks to Bring Street Kitten Home

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Sometimes love shows up when you least expect it.  Such is the case of Julie Maxwell who is presently on a trip in Majorca. That was where she met Bandit, a little kitten who has stolen her heart.  Julie has just started a GoFundMe campaign in the hopes of raising the additional funds that will allow her to take Bandit from the streets of Majorca into her loving home in Edinburgh.  Here is what she has posted:


I live in Edinburgh but currently on holiday to Majorca and I have fallen in love with a young kitten, affectionately named Bandit. He looks to be around 8 weeks old, is very grubby, has some hair missing from his ears due to fighting with cats and has been all alone now for days. When we first met he was very hungry and thirsty, hurriedly finished what I offered him and was very timid. Over time he has become very affectionate and is clearly in need of love. 

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Very shortly after meeting him, I looked in to bringing this poor little guy home and immediately started making arrangements, contacting English speaking vets and cat boarders. I have found a vet and a boarder willing to help and who have experience in transporting animals to the UK. We discussed expenses and while I am willing to pay a substantial amount, the costs are now greater than first envisioned. Bandit needs to have specific vaccinations, worming treatment, boarding for 30 days prior to travel, a pet passport, castration, travel certificate, a pet carrier and a flight home via a shipping company and then I also need to pay the boarder travel for collecting him, taking him to the vets and transporting him to the airport. 
I have 2 cats at home and he would be very well looked after which is what he so obviously needs and I would appreciate any help in getting him to the UK. 
I have until friday morning to make arrangements for his collection and have a plan in place so need to start funding now despite all the details not being in place. If for some unforseen reason we can’t bring him home or we don’t raise enough to meet some of the costs, I will donate all money made to charities in Europe that provide neutering to stray cats in order to control the population and prevent as many cats falling in to a life like Bandit has.
Thank you for reading my story, please share and donate if possible.

To help Julie bring Bandit home and to learn more please visit: https://www.gofundme.com/kgkek-get-bandit-home

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