Dutchess’s Big News

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The beloved kitty who was severely burned in a house fire on September 19, 2012 is ready for a big transition. Her loving guardians Toni and Christy Rose Day discussed a big announcement on Saturday, January 19 in the video below. After nearly four months recovering from her injuries at the University of Illinois College of veterinary Medicine Small Animal Clinic, Dutchess will go home later this week.

Her petmoms have promised to continue to share Dutchess with her many friends and supporters at the Dutchess Burn Fund Facebook page. The page is no longer a fundraiser, but is a gathering place for those who have been inspired and have given love and support to the little cat who overcame very serious injuries.Dutchess is still a very young girl, and has a lifetime ahead of her.

For more on Dutchess at our site, from the time of the fire through her recovery, click HERE.

Dutchess will go back to the hospital for minor surgery to help repair her eyelids, probably in March.

For those who have not followed along from the beginning, Toni Rose Day is the firefighter who picked Dutchess up from inside her burnt home and handed her out the window to someone. Dutchess’ family lost everything but the severely injured little cat when their home burned. Toni set up the fundraising page, took an active interest in the little cat and her medical care, made regular visits to the hospital, and adopted her. Dutchess’ original family is not in a position to take her, but will be welcome to come and spend time with her as they choose.

The video tells everything in the latest Dutchess news.

Here’s a video tour of Dutchess’ room she’ll inhabit in her new home.

There will surely be updates on the homecoming at Dutchess’ Facebook page in the coming days. We will share her homecoming here, too.

3 thoughts on “Dutchess’s Big News”

  1. Thanks so much for the detailed update. I have been following her progress and am so glad Dutchess is finally going home. You must be over the moon. Your family will now be complete. Much love, health and happiness to all of you in your future together.

  2. Sweet baby! I am so glad to see she is doing better. Is there anyplace we can send her things? or donate for any ongoing expense?

  3. Hi Crystal,

    I think you can get the address at Dutchess’ Facebook page, which we’ve linked to in the article above. If not, let me know. There have been a couple of fundraising appeals for Dutchess’ medical expenses. I suggest you ask Toni Rose Day what needs they may have for Dutchess and her care.

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