Dumped Kittens Found At Recycling Facility Are Adopted

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A litter of four kittens found by workers at a construction materials recycling facility near Calgary, AB were all adopted within a day of a news broadcast on the story.

Jay Jorgensen with the rescued kittens.

Workers at Recycling Worx Solutions Inc. were disturbed at the discovery of a litter of four kittens mixed in with a large bin load on Thursday of last week.  Company owner Mark Jette says it is the third incident where live kittens have been rescued by the crew this year.

Employee Jay Jorgensen said,  “Somebody, some piece of work, decided to drop them off in a bin in one of our job sites. I can’t even fathom doing that to an animal. I’m sure they have a spot in hell for people like that. Not cool,” when the Calgary Sun sent a reporter out for a video feature on the dumped kittens.

The  news feature ran on Friday, and by Saturday all four of the kittens had homes. Jay Jorgensen took responsibility for arranging the adoptions and kept the little orange kitty himself. Jay told the Sun that he received over 100 offers to rehome the kittens.

The trash pile

The rescued babies.

Philly, the Jorgensen family’s new kitten.


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  1. I am so glad that not only were the kittens rescued but that they also all found new homes. I agree with Jay Jorgensen when said there “spot in Hell” for the person who did that to those little kitties. Well now they will good lives and be loved.

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