Doused With Acid, Gentle Tommy Makes Amazing Recovery

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(Milo’s Sanctuary/Facebook)

Tommy’s face is a living reminder of cruelty and kindness in equal measure. In the end, kindness won.

“Given what he’s been through, he was a very gentle, trusting patient,” said Sheena Novick, who changed Tommy’s bandages daily while he was being treated for acid burns at the Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital in Sherman Oaks, California.

(Milo’s Sanctuary/Facebook)

Veterinarians believe someone poured battery acid on Tommy’s face, burning away his skin and eyelids. He was found this summer by a Los Angeles County woman who feeds stray cats. His rescuers took him to a veterinarian, who verified that he was also FIV-positive. After rejecting euthanasia as an option, Tommy’s rescuer found help at Milo’s Sanctuary in Burbank, who took him to  the Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital.

“Tommy was in absolutely terrible shape,” says Katherine Agard, the PR director at Milo’s Sanctuary. The police were contacted, and there’s  a reward offered for any information about the animal abuser who has been linked to similar attacks on area dogs.

(Milo’s Sanctuary/Facebook)

Through it all, Tommy “was so brave, and purred and kissed the people taking care of him,” according to Michelle Hoffman, president and co-founder of Milo’s Sanctuary. He needed skin grafts and lost an eye. Eventually, he underwent facial reconstructive surgery. Slowly, he got better. And today he is a spokescat for abused animals. He will soon join Lil BUB  and Nala at the Walk A Mile In Our Paws special needs cat show on Oct. 22 organized by Milo’s Sanctuary.

(Milo’s Sanctuary/Facebook)

Today, Tommy Trueheart is  looking and feeling a lot better. Here’s one of his latest photos, courtesy of the wonderful staff at Milo’s Sanctuary. He still needs veterinary care and is looking for sponsors, if you want to help.

(Milo’s Sanctuary/Facebook)


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  1. Poor little guy, I am sure he appreciates what is being done to help him,. There is a special place for the sick demented person who would do something to such a sweet kitty

  2. I am praying for little Tommy’s COMPLETE RECOVERY- and we all need to pray for sweet Tommy- and that the perpetrators of this evil deed are stopped and brought to justice- we hope and pray that they repent and change and realize what a terrible thing they did to this sweet kitty. I pray God’s Blessings to those who helped and are helping Tommy -and those donating to help in EVERY way! Cats are innocent, vulnerable creatures who just want someone to love- and to be loved in return-JUST AS HUMANS DO! AND I pray for all those who need healing from cruelty- (& that they are found and rescued) -they all deserve a safe loving home. We need to do all we can to get feral cats AND OUR PETS-spayed and neutered so that there are not homeless ones out there at the mercy of evil people – There are millions of HOMELESS cats in the U.S., alone!

  3. I agree!– and We need STRICTER animal cruelty laws to protect these innocent creatures.
    We need government leaders and elected officials who will stand up for this. I would work hard for a candidate with such character and convictions ‘to do what is right’. Our government wastes so much money on nonsense and greed when it could be used to ‘ even pay ‘ people to go out and rescue animals and get them spayed and neutered at low cost facilities and solve many of these ‘PAINFUL’ problems that result in the suffering of some of the MOST INNOCENT in our society. — Carlton.

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