Dot: Learning to Love Her Cart

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Dot was born with spina bifida in a garage in Virginia last year. She came to the attention of local rescuers and animal lovers and was fostered while arrangements were made to secure a place for her at Tabby’s Place Cat Sanctuary in Riingoes, NJ, which specializes in taking cats from hopeless situations, and where she went to live in January of 2012, while still a young kitten. Dot has thrived in the pleasant environment where she gets excellent care.

Dot became adept at getting around without the use of her hind legs and was very active as her caretakers waited for her to grow enough to be ready for wheels. Dot is somewhere around a year old now. She received her wheeled cart in recent days and is still in the process of getting used to it. That’s what we see here in this short video uploaded yesterday by Tabby’s Place.

The Dot – Kitten with Spina Bifida Facebook page remains active, and has more on Dot’s wheels.

For more on Dot at our site, click HERE. 

Here is a video from May, when Dot is concerned about a visitor to her special little area at Tabby’s Place.

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