Dino’s Story: Kitten is rescued by caring person with help from animal control

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A little kitten’s life was saved by the caring person who heard his cries for a week and the animal officer who helped locate the trapped little guy.

Paulding County Animal Control, in Paulding County Georgia, helped with the rescue and told the story at Facebook Tuesday, writing:

“Early last week a citizen of Paulding County heard what he thought was a little lost kitten. He searched his yard and was unable to locate anything. Over the last week he has heard this kitten time and again, but has searched to no avail.

“On Tuesday morning he called Paulding County Animal Control for help. An officer showed up to help and also searched for the kitten (who now has been lost for almost a week). They could hear the kitten calling out for help but were unable to find him.

“Finally they pulled a PVC post cap from a 6’ privacy fence and found the little lost kitten at the bottom of this post, almost 6 ½ feet down. Finally he was lifted out of what would have been his final resting place into the sun. Hungry, wet, thirsty and scared, “Dino” clung to his rescuer. (Named Dino for the wonderful citizen who made his rescue possible).

“This little kitten has survived this ordeal at such a young age and is now in recovery until he is ready for his new home.”


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