Dinah: Missing Cat Reunited With her family after 11 years

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Dinah was 4 when she went missing 11 years ago, a few weeks after her family moved to a new community. Her family were stunned to get a call this week saying she’d been found a block from their home.


Wendy Lowden had just moved from Oakville, Ontario to  Hamilton when her four year old cat Dinah went missing. Wendy and her family searched for Dinah, put up posters and called Hamilton Animal Control.  They eventually gave up their efforts to find her and turned their attention to their remaining pets.

Wendy and her husband were absolutely stunned to receive a call today from HAC, saying they had Dinah at their Dartnell, Rd. facility. She had been found a block from her family’s home. Once brought to the animal control facility, a microchip scan identified her as the Lowden family’s missing pet.

Mr. Lowden reportedly did a head count on the family pets and told HAC they were not missing anyone when he took the call. Then he and Wendy got the news that Dinah had been found.

Wendy, seen above at her reunion with Dinah, says she thinks someone took Dinah in and cared for her, and may be missing her now. Though she is happy to have Dinah back, she says she will give her to her caregiver if that person is deeply attached to her and wants her back.

Animal Services manager Sue O’Dwyer calls the reunion fantastic and says AC staff are delighted anytime an owner reclaims their missing pet because that rarely happens. HAC, sadly, has a very high kill rate for cats brought to the facility, though some are given over to rescuers. URI at the facility is also a hazard.

Fortunately, Dinah’s microchip and its updated contact information, and the facility’s use of the chip scanner, saved her life and brought her home.

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