Diego the Bag Thief

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Diego the bag thief is in kitty heaven the day the family leaves the entire stash of tied plastic bags at his disposal.

To paraphrase the family’s commentary on their video, Diego The Cat Thief Of Bags: Diego loves to play with plastic bags, which the family ties to keep them tidy and make them a fun toy.  They keep a box of tied bags in the closet for him to play with. Diego had never had the opportunity to have more than one bag at a time, and in this video we see the result when the family leaves the whole box of bags at his disposal.  As the family says: “And you know … opportunity makes the cat burglar!”

7 thoughts on “Diego the Bag Thief”

  1. What an adorable character that Diego is! He was absolutely jumping for joy lol. Such a cute sweet face. I loved when the other kitties ran out to see what he was doing. Very fun video.

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