Dexter Takes A Vacation

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Little Dexter kitten is seen here playing with some new friends he met while vacationing in Largo FL while receiving laser treatments. He is his usual spunky self at play with two dogs, and he looks better and better every time we see him. At this point he can give any famed video star cat a run for his money!

The staff of All Cats Hospital invited little Dexter kitten to travel from Brooksville FL to Largo for laser treatments, so Dexter packed his little bag and set out.The laser therapy is intended to help heal tissue, with the hope that it will improve his mobility and reduce any swelling he may have. Dexter received his first treatment yesterday.

Dexter’s trip includes funtime, as seen in this little video made of him cavorting with a couple of dogs. He just gets more and more adorable, if that is possible, and appears pretty strong and sure of himself. You can see his front legs slip a little on the smooth floor, and a little hop he does after one of the slips.

We hope you’ll enjoy this bit of fun as much as we do.

Again, as always, many thanks to PetLuv Spay and Neuter Clinic for all they’ve done and for the wonderful updates on Dexter.

The petition asking the court to treat the crime against Dexter seriously is still open. If you have not yet signed and would like to you can go to our story Justice For Dexter Kitten: Care2 Petition Asks Maximum Prosecution For Attacker for more information and a link to the petition.

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23 thoughts on “Dexter Takes A Vacation”

  1. Oh! Dexter looks great! I’m still laughing at the way the dogs reacted to him. He’s the “little lion” of that house !!! So happy to see him so much better. Thank you for sharing this video and the music was purrrrrfect !!!

  2. Dexter looks so happy and stoic! I love the way he holds his head up and prances and is just so confident. What a sweet little baby! Thanks for taking care of him and giving him the love he deserves. He’s a beauty.

  3. I’m so glad he’s getting better!! He looks great! I wish one of the dogs would have played a little with him.

  4. Dexter looks great. I hope he figured out that the big fluffy thing was not a cat!
    Good luck little guy.

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