Dexter Memorial Tree Planting Ceremony Set For Thursday 8/25

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A special memorial tree planting ceremony will be held for Dexter kitten tomorrow morning in a Brooksville FL park. The ceremony will honor the memory of the tiny kitten who won hearts as he tried to recover from a brutal beating,  as the attendees make a stand against animal abuse.

The ceremony is set for Thursday morning at Tom Varn Park in Brooksville. Someone from the city will arrive to dig a hole for the tree at 9:30, and the tree will be planted at 10:15. After the planting, a ceremony will be held to honor Dexter, along with his brother who did not survive the beating.  A granite monument and a plaque will be placed on the site within a few days from the ceremony, and a ribbon with “Dexter” on it may encircle the tree.

The area resident, known on Facebook as Mystic Blues, who provided the tree and helped organize the event says, “I met with the city and picked out a Drake Elm, a nice size tree that will last and will grow very big just like “Dexters” heart was. The city and I with other volunteers that will alternate, we all will be helping stop by and water the tree and check on it. If for some reason the tree dies, it will be replaced. A granite plaque withan engraved dedication will be placed in the ground a few days later. ” The plaque placement may draw supporters for a second, unofficial ceremony.

The city plans to care for the tree, and volunteers will also see that it is tended.

Meanwhile, PetLuv Clinic, which took responsibility for Dexter’s care after the beating and became the world famous kitten’s window to the world, has announced that thanks to overwhelming support for the idea they will be offering silicon band bracelets in Dexter’s memory. The clinic says they’re already on order, and details will be made public soon. The bracelets will be available in two styles.

PetLuv’s Cathy Fitzgerald says, in making the announcement on the bracelets, ” His life, all 16 weeks of it, inspired thousands of people to speak up on his behalf and others like him, also to look for the good in things, and to smile (how could we not smile at that little face!!!)”

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5 thoughts on “Dexter Memorial Tree Planting Ceremony Set For Thursday 8/25”

  1. I definitely want a bracelet-please let me know how I can order.
    May Dexter run free from now on 🙁
    Thank you.

  2. PetLuv Clinic will provide details on their Facebook page when they’ve got them. We’ll share the information at that time.

  3. PetLuv Clinic will provide details on ordering the bracelets on their Facebook page when they’ve got them figured out. We’ll share the information at that time.

  4. What a beautiful idea, and a fitting memeory of Dexter,i know that little man inspired thousands of people even me all the way from Australia,i loved him and i think this is just wonderful.Good on everyone involved and im sure that the tree planted will grow big and strong wth all the love that has been its inspiration,i wish i could be there to see it.

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