Dexter Meets Dexter: Abused Kitten and Abandoned Dog Share Miracle Recovery

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Dexter kitten meets Dexter Shih Tzu, the dog for whom he was named. Little Dexter’s recovery is coming along so well he took time from his busy schedule for a playful photo shoot with the dog whose name has been a good luck charm. The other Dexter recovered when some thought he was too far gone, too.

Dexter kitten almost died from a brutal attack on June 10 and staff at PetLuv Clinic, which took responsibility for his care, cautioned the public that the little kitten might not survive the shocking blows he received to the head. Dexter has issues like impaired hearing and vision and a wobbly gait, but he is thriving and making remarkable progress.

In recent days his foster caregiver, Tifany, and the PetLuv liason who keeps the world informed of Dexter’s progress via the Clinic’s Faceook page, have made joyful updates on Dexter’s progress, and their enthusiasm is infectious.

Big recent news is that Dexter has conquered stairs and can even get up onto the bed. He  plays and acts like a typical kitten more and more every day and is said to be doing “amazingly well”.

Today he visited the clinic and had a photo shoot with the other Dexter, the dog he was named for. Shih Tzu Dexter was one of 64 of his breed abandoned in Hernando County FL in 2010. He was brought to PetLuv with a recommendation that he be euthanized. PetLuv staff were drawn to him and though he was sick, emaciated, and having mange, PetLuv saved his life,took responsibility for the little dog, and nursed him back to health.

Dexter kitten was named for the little dog with hopes that he would recover as remarkably well, and, so far, he has. This is a happy moment in the little kitten’s growth and recovery, and we hope along with his many fans and supporters that he remains healthy and continues his miraculous healing journey.

Here they are … Dexter and Dexter.

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  1. I absolutely adore Dexter Cat. Dexter has become the face for all the little guys that have the will to live, if given a chance. There just aren’t enough words to express how I feel about PetLuv and the people that have given this precious little man a chance. He has blossomed in their care. Thank you, PetLuv.

  2. ♥ bless them both! and bless PET LUV and ALL the WONDERFUL people who took such good care of these precious babies! ♥

  3. Thank you for the link! I love the pic of Dexter the cat holding up his paw to Dexter the dog!

  4. As a cat lovers Who have two cats of Our own Me and the Wife both wish Dexter a long happy life. I despise wanton cruelty and hope those Who hurt Him get the maximum penalty allowed by law.

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