Dexter Kitten Update 6/21: More Good Progress

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Little Dexter kitten continues to make small steps toward improvement after his terrible ordeal.

Dexter, for those who don’t know, is a small kitten who was beaten severely on June 10 and who is receiving attentive care, in an effort to save him, and as a gesture to show him love and to demonstrate to him after his terrible experience that many people are good and caring and kind.

As of Monday afternoon June 20, staff at PetLuv Spay and Neuter Clinic in Brooksville FL, who are providing 24/7 care for little Dexter, gave the following update on his condition, from their Facebook page.

“He continues to eat on his own and after he makes a mess of himself by stepping in the food he is grooming his paws!! Over the weekend he started  using the litterbox too!!! Now, here is the most exciting update…. he is very happy when following a little laser light toy! Yup, signs indicate that the little man can see it (or maybe shadows of it) when it’s very close…. yay!!!! Again, can’t stress enough that he has a long way to go BUT for now, he is progressing.”

As of this afternoon they report that he continues to hold his own, with no changes. They also remind those who would like to visit Dexter that he remains a critical care patient and he cannot receive visitors at this time.

Dexter’s caregivers were initially very concerned about his chances of survival due to potential brain damage from the assault. So far the kitten has made a few important steps toward functionality, and each little victory is celebrated with heartfelt gratitude by the clinic staff and by the many people who send their best wishes and prayers his way after having heard about the brutal assault upon him.

Anyone interested in signing the Care2 petition asking for tough prosecution of the attacker, or for donating to PetLuv for Dexter’s care can click on the appropriate links below.


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21 thoughts on “Dexter Kitten Update 6/21: More Good Progress”

  1. ♥♥♥ {{big hugs and kisses}} ♥♥♥ Dexter, you are in my thoughts everyday and i send up prayers for you!!

  2. Hang in there Dexter!! You have big hugs & kisses coming your way from Arkansas! Stay strong little one, you’re in loving and caring hands now.

  3. Come on Dexter Keep finding new things to re-imprint into your mind! I hope that the summer solstice brings you luck. I hope that you keep getting better and better. I hope We can still have more updates and I wonder if there can be a webcam of his progress. The Pictures of him are stellar and I am very happy he hs been taken such wonderful 24 hour care of, You’ve set a great standard for everyone. DEXTER you are an AMAZING MIRACLE KITTEN
    Much love from Virginia

  4. Our family opened our hearts and our home to three black rescue cats. They all had been abused or neglected but are the most loving and wonderful members of our family. I pray for Dexter but don’t quite understand how this person could hurt or want to hurt these beautiful creatures.

  5. Love you Dexter!!! Glad you’re getting better little guy. Praying for your recovery. =o)))

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