Dexter Kitten, RIP

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We were as stunned as anyone yesterday at the sad news that Dexter kitten has gone to Rainbow Bridge. Along with everyone else, we thought he was ready to embark on a long, happy life; but his seizures were unrelenting and the decision was made to release him from the distress they caused.

The headline to this story is stark, but our heats are breaking at the news of Dexter kitten’s passing. Like many readers, we followed his journey from the day the story of his brutal beating and its aftermath was reported in the local FL paper one day early last June. Dexter received severe blows to the head, allegedly at the hands of pregnant 24 year Wilana Frazier and her two young sons, who she reportedly egged on to join her as she spewed a steady stream of curses during the beatings of two tiny kittens with a metal bat in broad daylight at a public playground. The other kitten died at the scene.

PetLuv Spay and Neuter Clinic, of Brooksville FL, took responsibility for Dexter and his care after a group of boys rescued him from the playground and took him to one boy’s mother, who wrapped the tiny victim in a t-shirt and rushed him to get care. PetLuv was initially very cautionary about Dexter’s chances of survival, due to severe head trauma, but as time passed they became more hopeful in their updates on his condition and development.

As many know, Dexter was fostered by PetLuv staffer Tiffany Sroka, who eventually adopted the sweet kitten who had made such remarkable progress.

We at Life With Cats followed each hopeful step in Dexter’s progress, each cute new photo, and each endearing video along with all his many supporters from all over. We made several updates on his story, with each one having an increasingly more optimistic tone until they finally became joyous.

Now he is gone.  Those closest to him made the difficult decision to free him from chronic seizures brought about due to the severe head trauma. The decision was made out of love and cannot have been easy. We grieve for Dexter, and we send our sincere condolences to those who nurtured him and finally released him from this life.

The picture at the top of this post is our favorite, and is the way we will choose to remember Dexter, as a kitten who knew love and had a good home, and who received loving prayers and good wishes from both a local and a worldwide support system.

Here is Dexter’s final video, which shows him cuddling with and loving his Mommy. Run free sweet boy.

Cathy, Dexter’s great friend and advocate at Petluv, and Tiffany, Dexter’s caregiver and petmom, both of whom loved him greatly and deeply, each posted a public statement on the occasion of Dexter’s passing, as follows below.

From Cathy,

Dexter’s seizures did not stop and through it the pain and suffering became more evident. It is with very heavy heart that I share with you our little Dexter has crossed over the rainbow bridge. Without being able to stabilize him it became clear that there were no realistic treatment options. There are many cats that can live long happy lives and still have seizures, but with his being because of the head trauma inflicted on him, his was a different story.

His life, although way too short, touched thousands of people and hopefully our little furry fighter also raised awareness…. if a 2 pound kitty can bring about so much support just think of what one human can do. Please continue to pay it forward and if someone asks why, tell them it’s because of Dexter.

I am so very sorry to have to share this news, it has been my honor to be able to provide updates, pictures/ videos and walk you through his story.  At this time I ask that you please join me in thanking Tiffany and her family for giving little Dexter a life of happiness and endless love.

From Tiffany:

To everyone who has been so nice to share such kind words I would like to leave you with this. Dexter touched many lives. I chose to help get his story out there because I believed that he may be able to make a difference. Being a previous victim of domestic violence I know the feelings one may have afterwards. Dexter helped to show me strength and love despite what life may throw at you. If one person is changed by this or helped by this then it was all worth it. I would like to leave everyone with a sense of the love that we shared as a family and one that I would never forget. I loved my baby boy more than anyone will know but in those final hours I knew that I could not see him suffer so. Love is not only knowing when to let go but standing by ones side till the very end. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the support you have given our clinic, my family and to my lil man. RIP Dexter we will always love you.

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43 thoughts on “Dexter Kitten, RIP”

  1. RIP Dexter, you are in better place and the bad tremers are all gone… hugs and loves for you

  2. What a sad story. It sickens me to hear of people beating animals senseless for no reason at all. To injure kittens, who haven’t even had a chance to grow up is totally distasteful. I hope that woman was punished for her actions, and to read that she even egged on her children to participate in the beatings makes me gag.

  3. Really sorry to hear this. He was a beautiful little guy. Any word on what is being done to the woman who did this to him?

  4. I followed Dexter’s story every step of the way and signed the petition against the sociopath who tortortured Dexter and urged her children to do the same. I, too, had hope that he was going to make a full recovery. I prayed for him every day. I am devastated that his seizures started and he was in pain. I do understand that he needed to be free of that and fly over the Bridge. Dexter is now an angel. I can only pray that he fulfilled his purpose here on earth by bringing so many kind, caring people together in love for him. Dexter, I will always love you and you will live on in the hearts and souls of all who loved you and cared for you. You are in the most beautiful and peaceful place there can be. You are home again.

  5. I am so heartbroken because of the loss of Dexter. I have never cried so much for a kitty I didn’t know personally. I followed his story from the start and I’m just so heartbroken. Tiffany thank you for showing him the love he deserved. RIP Dexter! Please find Moz Kitty, she’ll look after you and soon my Den Den will be there. Please help her find Moz, so that Denny isn’t scared.

  6. I am in tears and am totally heartbroken reading this! :-*( Rest in Peace Sweet Kitten. I hope that lady gets punished for what she did to these precious babies.

  7. Rest in peace little Dexter. You will be missed by many and I’m sorry that the hardship inflicted on you had to occur. At least you got proper love and attention during the short time afterwars that you deserved.

  8. Sorry to read about Dexter. I hope that 24 year old idiot and her worthless sons are punished for this! This is horrible. I cried when I read this story.

  9. I am both saddened and sickened by this poor babies short life. How disgusting and inhumane this woman was to do this to a living, breathing beautiful animal. And to have her children in on it as well. They need to take her children away…she is an unfit mother. I am so hurt that Dexter died…the pain he must have suffered. At least he had wonderful angels watching and caring for him at the end. RIP sweet baby….go run with your siblings and your momma in a much better place…

  10. Dionne-I agree, I hope he’s with his brother and shares the stories of good people. Cats will never stop giving unconditional love

  11. I’m just devastated to hear the sad news. Dexter found his little way into my heart in a second, as he did with thousands the world over. I was (and still am) so inspired and heartened by the love he was shown by so many, from the boys who initially rescued him, the mother who got him to help and all the staff at PetLuv clinic who did so much for him. Tiffany and all of Dexter’s loving friends are in my heart, thank you for sharing this little guy’s story with us. The pain and suffering he experienced in his short life was senseless and extreme, and I hope for justice to be served, but this cruelty was outweighed by the love and care you all showed him. Thank you for doing all you could for this little guy, you are wonderful people and I can’t imagine the heartache you must be feeling now. Thinking of you all – Esther and Nibbler xoxo

  12. On August 25th, a memorial tree was planted in a city park in the city of Brooksville, Florida, in honor of Dexter, and to thank the people at PetLuv who cared for him and all those that followed his story and are fighting to stop animal abuse. A granite marker will be laid at the base of tree in Tom Varn Park in Brooksville, Florida in one week, so Dexter is not forgotten.

  13. With tears in my eyes and a pain in my heart I thank all those who did so much to try and save baby Dexter. He was such an adorable baby who received so much love and he knew that he was loved and that is ever so important in everyone’s life be it animal or human. RIP baby boy and know that there were lots of people who sent you prayers and love ever since we read the story about the psychopath and her kids(who I hope are no longer living with their monster sicko mother) who did this to this baby. I hope the mother is fined, jailed, banned from ever being around or owning animals and has to PROVE that she is changed or she is not to be around her kids because she is teaching them such sick things that it is really scary because they will BE JUST LIKE THEIR SICKO MOTHER.

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