Dexter Kitten Receives Tender Loving Care at PetLuv Clinic After Brutal Assault

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This sweet looking  kitten now called Dexter is being well cared for at a local clinic after children rescued him from an assault at a neighborhood park. A woman is accused of directing her two boys to commit brutality.

This adorable little kitten is recuperating at PetLuv Spay and Neuter Clinic in Brooksville FL after a group of children rescued him from an assault so terrible that “abuse” does not begin to address it. A woman and her two boys, aged 5 and 8, allegedly brutalized the kitten and his presumed sibling last Friday afternoon at Hill ‘N Dale Park in Brooksville FL. The other kitten was killed  but the children did manage to save Dexter. The mother of one boy took action from there and got the injured  kitten help.

“I feel horrible that the kids had to see that. It’s just so terrible. For her and her son to tag-team kittens? I can’t even fathom this.”

Sarah Murphey, the  mother of a 10 year old boy who witnessed the assault.

Ms. Murphy says her son and his friends grabbed the second, still living, kitten and headed to the house where she was visiting a friend in the area. She says the boys were shaken by the incident and worried about the surviving kitten’s health. “They were scared, but at the same time they felt bad that they couldn’t save the other kitten. My son’s very happy that he and the other kids saved the cat’s life and I’m glad that he did.” Ms. Murphy wrapped the kitten in a t-shirt and called 911. While she waited, she says, the animal began to shake violently.

Hernando County Animal Services took the little kitten, who seemed unresponsive at first. HCAS spokesman Patrick Pace says Dexter is showing improvement and is able to keep food down. Mr Pace, the kind of animal officer we like to see, called Rick Silvani, president of Pet Luv Nonprofit Spay and Neuter Clinic, and reports that Mr. Silvani told him that Pet Luv would pay for all of Dexter’s medical bills and nurse him back to health.

“All animals have a right to life, but a helpless, defenseless kitten …  you don’t know what to say. It’s just incomprehensible.”

Rick Silvani

Dexter is getting round the clock care, staying at the clinic during the day and going home with a vet tech at night. The clinic says that while Dexter is doing well for now, they have concerns about possible brain damage and say that though hopes for Dexter’s progress are guardedly optimistic his survival remains uncertain.

Ms. Murphy says she and her husband are considering adopting Dexter if he survives, saying of her son, “He obviously has a special attachment to the cat. He can’t stop talking about saving it. And we’re very proud that he did.”

For more on the clinic that is caring for this little creature, you can visit them at :

PetLuv Spay and Neuter Clinic


PetLuv Spa and Neuter Clinic on Facebook


Wilana Frazier, shown above, is the 24 year pregant woman acused of directing her two boys to commit hideous brutality against two tiny defenseless kittens in public, at a park where children play. She was arrested on two counts of animal cruelty and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, based on the account of those at the scene, and  was booked into the Hernando County Jail. She  is being held with an undetermined figure set for bail – we’ve seen figures ranging from $3,500 to $14,000.

Ms. Frazier is reported to have made vicious threats about killing people, while spewing violent rhetoric during the attack she allegedly committed along with her two small boys. She admits being at the park but denies the charges, and has refused to make a written statement.

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  1. Pet Luv is located in Brooksville, FL 🙂
    Much Love and Light and heaing energies being sent to sweet Dexter!! 🙂

  2. Good on those boys and their mom, the animal control officer and clinic for saving Dexter! Hopefully justice will be served. That being said, why am I always reading about these horrible stories? I just don’t understand the cruelty toward other living things some people are capable of. Utter disbelief.

  3. If that woman could do that to an innocent animal, what would she do to her children?! She needs to get some psychiatric help for her sake, as well that of the helpless animals in her path. I’m praying for sweet, little Dexter to survive so he can live a long, wonderful life with his rescuers!

  4. I hope the woman serves time and has to give up her children. Someone like that should not have custody of kids. She is teaching them horrible things and should lose them for this! I hope Florida justice system does it’s job!

  5. i thourt the world was a lover of animals not all and all thes poor animals r sufferin cuz of humans well im 1 of the few who do luv em and any1 who cud hurt and abuse any gods livin animals is beyound me thnk god theyr sum in this world tht do care and will help out wat goes throu sum1s head 2 abuse a pet theyr sik and twisted and deserve everythin they get pets look up 2 us 4 luv care etc and shud b respected wat gets me wen an animal has bin hurt they still trust us think its bout time we looked at em and think if any1 dnt like animals dnt hurt thm not rite leave thm alone

  6. Would this be the right time to have someone pay this heartless lady a visit and explain in words on one syllable what kind of accident might befall her when she gets out out jail?

  7. Thanks for catching that, Lisa. I’ve made the correction. I actually meant to write Brooksville but my fingers had a mind of their own and made my mistype. 😉

  8. Mean people suck. The kittens did not deserve the violence inflicted on them. I believe this will not be the end of this so called family’s violent tendancies.. Too bad people aren’t euthanized for their behavioral problems like animals are.

  9. Yes Mike Lewis that sounds good to me!!!! That hateful heartless witch!!! She does not need to be reproducing! !! What goes around comes around! !!! How about teaching your kids to be kind, respectful, and to help others!!! I hope they take those kids away from that beast!!!

  10. oh my GOD! woman who directed this should not be a parent! take the kids and unborn away from her, sterlize her and lock her up! how can anyone hurt a kitten??? :`( ….. i was having a good day…….

  11. Thanks to all those who stepped in to help. You are all wonderful special people, both kids and adults. And now for that sorry piece of trash woman—please, please, please let the authorities take her children (including the unborn) away from her–they have a chance to change. She, on the other hand, has a special place in hell reserved for her.

  12. I’m so thankful that the boys who saved Dexter were able to stand up to those comitting this brutal act. Their parents should be very proud of them. And to all who continue to care for Dexter, thank you! If the woman charged is teaching her children to do this type of violence to a defenseless kitten, imagine what those children will be doing to defenseless humans. It’s too late for her, but hopefully not for the children or else we’ll be reading about them again for continued and escalating violence.

  13. Oh goodness, Dexter? I read another story on this and this crime is horrendous. Of coarse I am thankful for the heroes in this story, but I am truly sickened by what this individual has done to her children.It actually reminded me of the show DEXTER.Yes,they saved the kitten,but truly I believe the children of this crazy woman were saved today.

  14. At least 1 kitten was saved and she was caught and hopefully will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and get some mental help. This little darling kitten, so tiny with the sweetest little pink nose~! God bless him and prayers lifted to Heaven for his complete recovery~! God bless all his angels as well :*)

  15. How can anyone be cruel to innocent animals who cannot defend themselves. Hey…I have an idea! How about someone twice the size of the mother and her two sons grab a bat and beat them so that they all can get an idea of how it feels. Blind them in one eye and break their arms, just like they did to poor Dexter. I think for people like that, it would be the ONLY way they would learn their lesson! PS…I am not for cruelty of animals, humans or anything, however, this would certainly be an exception.

  16. This woman should be stoned, hung or beaten to death. How could anyone do harm to ANY animals. She is disturbed, mentally ill and deranged. I hope justice is done to her.

  17. I couldn’t agree with you more totally! 110 %!! God’s love to Dexter that he makes a safe recovery and finds a loving home. I would adopt him in a heartbeat but I travel between NY and FL quite frequently with my precious Daisy Mae. I love animals so much that people take a second stance even my husband. I wish I was picked to be a juror for that trial. I’d make sure she would swim with the sharks.

  18. Hi Eilene.
    Thank you for forwarding the video to all that is involved with Dexter. Please keep me posted on his latest developments.

  19. Although I’m horrified by what this woman did and by what these children did/witnessed each other doing, I’m equally horrified by the death threats and violent wishes of those commenting here. Wilana Frazier should lose custody of her children and go to jail and get therapy, but more violence won’t solve anything.

  20. I’m sure most of you know baby Dexter crossed over to Rainbow Bridge last Monday, August 15th. He started having seizures that got worse and they couldn’t be controlled, he was in pain and suffering and Tiffany decided it was time for him to cross. I’ve been so sad and heartbroken over this. I cried many tears last week, looking at his precious pictures.I felt Dexter was over the big hurdle and all would be good. Tiffany has posted some of his last videos on facebook.

  21. Hi everytbody, i’m writing you from Argentina.
    I feel so sad for this little kitten, in a way i’m glad he stopped suffering.
    I wonder how can it be possible for this kids to do such a terrible crime? and thier mother, a monster who should be in prisson for the rest of her life. As for the kids, the same for them, juvenile court and to prisson.
    Some people is souless, hollow and simply can’t be a part of society.
    Call me cruel or whatever, but the torture and after death of this innocent cat is all i have to refer to.
    I really hope she never sees the sun again, and the same for the monsters she raised.

  22. I feel bad for Dexter, and yes it was horrible, but you really can’t blame those kids. I mean with a mother like that, who knows what’s happened to them… Maybe they’ve been beaten for years, maybe they’re scared of their mother. What those kids really need now is some care, some understanding, some community service helping animals and a strict but caring foster home and hopefully they can come past this…

    As for that woman… I say 2 life sentences sounds good to me, one for each kitten, maybe tack on some years for what she did to those kids. And let all the other woman in prison know what she did, they’ll make sure she gets what’s coming.

  23. I have no idea what this person is attempting to say. Do they no longer teach spelling and grammer in school? Could someone put this into English please?

  24. I undertand there is a May trial date, not sure of the date. They have postponed many times. If I hear anything I will post.

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