Dexter Kitten: Growing Learning Healing

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A brief recent look at little Dexter kitten who has come a long way from the brutalized stray baby we met earlier last month. In two short videos from the end of June, sizing him up and observing a few moments of playtime, we get a glimpse of the miraculously transformed survivor.

PetLuv Clinic happily let Dexter’s well wishers know last week that he is still with his foster caregiver, Tiffany, and has been pursuing a deliciously ordinary schedule of Play, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

Tiffany reports: He is doing great. He can about jump out of my bathtub and wakes me up in the morning to let me know he is ready for breakfast. He is playing with my two fur babies all day and has now discovered not only their’s but his own tail as well. Oh and he also loves to run and jump onto my wicker vases and hang out there till something else catches his attention. He is getting to be a typical kitten causing havoc in his path.

We say, hooray to that!


The dear little fellow measures up at about 4″.


Sweet kitten plays with and grooms his little toy mouse.

Please remember, the petition asking for serious punishment for the woman who brutally beat and almost killed this kitten, bashing his head with a metal baseball bat, among other things, while egging her two young boys to join her – essentially training them to be savage barbarians – is still collecting signatures.

Justice For Dexter Kitten: Care2 Petition Asks Maximum Prosecution For Attacker

This kitten is one of two beaten in broad daylight in a pubic park where children play. The other was killed and dumped in a trash can. PetLuv Clinic took Dexter in and assumed responsibility for his care. He has been a critical care patient, and at first the clinic was unsure whether he would survive, due to seizures and other possible complications and damage from the blows to his tiny head.

Though he has a wobbly gait and minimal vision he has gained strenth and spirit, and the little signs of normal kittenhood are heartwarming, to say the least.

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  1. Sweet lil Dexter,
    Keep up the progress. There are many more kind people in this world that wish you well than there are of the one’s that did you harm. Lots of love for you big guy!

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