Devoted Mama Cat Who Protected Her Kittens From Shooter Is Adopted From Shelter

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Cindy did not want to leave her kittens after she was shot in the head by a BB pellet. She remained with them as she convalesced at a shelter, and now she has a new home.

We shared the story of Cindy’s devotion to her babies last week, in Mama Cat Protects Her Kittens Despite Being Shot By BB Gun. When the injured Mama and her babies were rescued they were taken to the  Helen Woodward Animal Center in Santa Fe, CA, where Cindy had the pellet removed from her head, and she and the kittens were given restorative care. The kittens were malnourished and in need of vaccinations when found.

Dr. Stephanie Oba said, “It took a gentle hand to pull that momma away from her babies,” in her description of Cindy’s devotion to her babies and her protectiveness of them.

Cindy and her babies  arrived at the shelter on June 6. Mama was allowed to stay with her kittens as they all recovered from their ordeal. The kittens have since found homes and now their Mama has, too.  Cindy the good Mama was adopted over the weekend. She was spayed before her adoption.

Pretty Cindy

The area of the wound.

5 thoughts on “Devoted Mama Cat Who Protected Her Kittens From Shooter Is Adopted From Shelter”

  1. How could anyone treat such a loving cat and her babies that, How dare they do that to an animal .. I watch the Animal Cops all the time and I can’t help just wanting just one hour with people who treat animals that way … not that I’d do the same thing that they did to the animals mind you but I’d show much worse pictures that would make them puke … and I hope change there minds on ever doing that to a animal Ever Again!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cindy is such a good mommy. Thank you for taking her and her kittens in and taking care of them. Thank you for spaying Cindy. Hopefully, there is a clause in your adoption papers about saying and neutering the kittens too.
    Mama kitties are terribly protective of their babies and Cindy is proof of that.
    Pawsative thought for the whole family.

  3. What a cruel person who did this. All I need just one shoot aim on hand so this person will never shoot again. I have 3 rescue cats. Someone left them abandoned on the street, at night in the middle of heavy rain. They were very small, it’s about 2 weeks old. I’m wishing such a pay back to those people who did something cruel to cats around the world.

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