Devoted Cat Stays at Woman’s Side: Both Are Rescued After a Month in the Gila National Forest

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Margaret Page and her cat Miya disappeared a month ago and set up camp off of a trail in the wilderness. Miya was at Margaret’s side as they were found on Wednesday, and stayed with her as they were carried down a mountain by a rescue crew.

Margaret and Miya were found when the search and rescue team dispatched on Wednesday by the New Mexico State Police spotted a blue sleeping bag about a mile from a trail in Gila National Forest. The rescuers saw a small animal crawl out of the bag and realized it was a domestic cat.

Margaret and Miya mostly survived on food Margaret had brought in, and they drank water from a nearby creek. Margaret had lost a considerable amount of weight and told the rescue team she had run out of food about a week ago. Miya is said to have supplemented her diet by hunting. The pair stayed warm by huddling in the sleeping bag.

Margaret’s concerned sister called the State Police this week. When Margaret left her Albuquerque home in February, people thought she was headed to Florida to see family. The Forest service found her car on February 10; they ran the plates and reported it to the Albuquerque Police department on the 25th. The APD had also reported Margaret’s disappearance; she was reported missing by co-worker and friend Denise Tierney on Feb. 14. Denise told police Margaret was receiving mental health outpatient treatment for depression and PTSD. Denise also contacted Margaret’s sister, who agreed that they needed to report the disappearance.

The New Mexice State Police say they immediately launched the successful search when they were contacted by Margaret’s sister. They found her in a matter of hours.

Search crew leader Dave Kuthe reported that Margaret checked herself out of Gila Regional Medical Center late Wednesday and spent the night in a Silver City hotel. She and Miya have been reunited.

Miya stayed with her person throughout an increasingly grim situation,  with the greatest of loyalty and devotion.


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4 thoughts on “Devoted Cat Stays at Woman’s Side: Both Are Rescued After a Month in the Gila National Forest”

  1. As a cat owner/rescuer/helper for over 50 years, I’ve learned that cats are loving, loyal & intelligent. Devoted to owners.
    Story about Margaret & Miya her cat is very touching but a same shows true nature of cats, Miya felt that her owner was in trouble. Her loyalty told her to stay with her owner even as they were being carried mountain, by strange men.
    Kudos to Margaret & very loyal cat Miya, hope for quick recovery. My late husband has PTSD, not pleasant.
    keenpetite aka Carmen
    Southeast Arizona

  2. is anyone else totally confused by this story? The cat is amazing, as cats usually are, but what about the people??? This woman was missing forever, reported as missing and she was 1 mile off of a trail for months…with her car nearby the whole time?? sorry but I am flumoxed! The woman clearly is not all there, but what about the APD? Sorry, but I am so saddened by this womans circumstance that it is hard for me to focus only on the cat aspect. Love cats so much though, peace out!

  3. It appears that some of her family members were truly Not On The Ball. The sister took That Long? Give me the cat, any day.

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