Destiny, Rescued From Freezing and Getting Help

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Destiny, looking better after being warmed for a few hours.

A thin and weak white cat in serious danger of freezing to death outside was rescued when a Good Samaritan found her and took her to get help yesterday. The truck driver who rescued Destiny from the cold took her to Stephenville, Newfoundland no-kill, no-cage rescue sanctuary  SCAPA (Society for the Care and Protection of Animals).

SCAPA and its director Gwen Samms will be familiar to those who followed the story of Trooper, the injured cat Gwen rescued after he sat frozen to the ground in January of 2012. Another cold January, and another cat is saved with little time to spare.

“Poor baby was shivering so bad even in the man’s warm truck.”

Gwen Samms, director of  SCAPA, wrote yesterday:

A man came to the shelter today with a cat in his truck that he had found. I explained to him that our shelter was full and asked him if he had a shed or garage that he could put her in BUT when i saw the state this poor frozen kitty was in I had no choice but take her. She was shivering uncontrollably. Very weak,thirsty and very thin.

We do not know if this kitty was dumped outside by her family or was let out and got lost but whatever the reason this sweet baby was out in the freezing cold it is very clear she would not have survived one more night outside.

I got water in her asap with no problem but she didn’t want to eat at first. I wrapped her in a blanket while I waited for more blankets to warm up in the dryer. Once they had warmed up I wrapped them around her. She finally started showing signs of movement.

About 3 hours later I tried her with some food and she welcomed it and ate it all,still shivering. About an hour after she ate she was able to get up and slowly stagger over to the water bowl to get a drink. She is still very weak but is showing more life in her eyes this evening. I am fostering her but she will need a loving forever home (STRICTLY INSIDE ONLY) once she has recovered.

PLEASE say prayers for this sweet innocent frozen kitty in hopes she can pull through..

We have named this sweetie DESTINY. ♥

SCAPA is a small all volunteer group run solely on donations. A volunteer has set up a ChipIn to help Destiny.



The shivering girl after her rescue.


Finally able to eat.


Tipping the dish to get at her food.



SCAPA operates a group page at Facebook.

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  1. What a tough little kitty to have survived this ordeal. Hope she finds her very warm, loving, forever home soon.

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