Desperate south Los Angeles kitten almost thrown in street to be killed – RESCUED

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A desperate little kitten named “Ollie” was found on the street in south Los Angeles, California with people surrounding him planning to throw him in the street “to be put out of his misery” on May 31.

A compassionate teenager rescued him and brought him to a Stray Cat Alliance volunteer in the Valley. He was rushed to the Stray Cat Alliance veterinarian and has received life-saving testing, medications and syringe feeding around the clock to help him have a fighting chance.

Stray Cat Alliance wrote that: “We got a call from someone who said a very sick kitten was put in the street by someone “so it would be run over and put out of it’s misery!” OMG.”

On Monday Stray Cat Alliance was able to make this report on Ollie’s condition: “We are relieved to learn that Ollie is FeLV, FIV and Pan Leuk negative! So his odds just got a lot better!”

“[Staff at the vet’s] said he’s about 5 weeks old – he’s tiny! His eyes are a mess but he is resting comfortably. He won’t eat on his own, but they syringe fed him and he took the food easily. His temperature is good and he is stable, though he is on fluids because he is so severely dehydrated.

“Little Ollie’s life has been saved – there is no way he would have made it another day on the street in this condition. We are so grateful!”

Stray Cat Alliance wrote at Facebook, reporting more on Ollie’s trip to the vet, saying: “Little Ollie barely made it out of his neighborhood alive! He was discovered and rescued just in the nick of time! He is a frail one pound at about 5 weeks old. [Veterinary staff] cleaned off his eye, which may have ruptured, and his nose so he can breathe better. His temperature is not bad but he is very dehydrated and weak, so he is going to stay in the hospital for a few days. They are starting him on an IV, giving him antibiotics, eye meds and will have to syringe feed him since he is not eating. Many tests have been run and we will have those results tomorrow.

Promising updates on Ollie, Stray Cat Alliance added:  “He’s so tiny, but a fighter!”

Ollie is still in the early stages of his recovery, but now he has the best possible chance and is getting loving and professional care.

You can look for future updates at the Stray Cat Alliance Facebook page.

Here is Ollie, looking and sounding pretty vulnerable and pathetic in a short video clip taken at the vet’s:

stray Cat Alliance is accepting donations toward Ollie’s care, and is also raising funds in a Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge Fundraiser at crowdrise.


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  1. thank you to the boy who rescued him and thank you to stray cat alliance for giving him meds. wish the best for this tiny one…

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