Denver Clinic Offers Free Spay Neuter to All Cats!

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By Samme

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A new clinic run by the amazing Denver-based Dumb Friends League is offering free spay and neuter services for all Colorado cats.

Anyone can bring a cat to the clinic for spay or neuter surgery, regardless of income. That’s great news for Colorado cat owners, feral cats and people who care about pet over population.

The organization is focusing on cats because the problem of cat over population in Denver is far worse than that of dogs.

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“The large number of cats living on the streets or waiting for homes in shelters and rescues is one of the biggest challenges in animal welfare across the country and in Colorado,” the Dumb Friends League stated on its website.

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The Dumb Friends League Solutions – Cat Spay/Neuter Clinic hopes to perform 10,000 spay and neuter surgeries a year, doubling the number it already provides through its shelters and mobile clinics. The new clinic is located at 191 Yuma Street in Denver, near I-25 and 6th Avenue. For more information or to scheduled an appointment, go to the Dumb Friends League Website.

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