Demolition crew finds cat in Illinois tornado rubble

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Homes were destroyed and pets were displaced when a tornado hit Fairdale, Illinois and the surrounding area on April 9.

CBS Chicago shared the story Wednesday after a beautiful longhaired grey cat was found in the rubble. Kris Habermehl, traffic reporter for the TV station’s associated news radio station, WBBM, has been on the ground serving as a volunteer firefighter in the tornado zone near Rockford, and shared the news when kitty was found.

The cat, who is being called Beauty, was pulled from the rubble of a home that was about to be demolished. She was saved by the demolition crew.

“A little gray long-haired cat, kind of dusty,” CBS Chicago quotes Habermehl as saying. “Tried to give her a little bit of water. She wouldn’t take the water. She just kind of looked around. She’s still in a daze.”

There is no word so far on whether she has been reunited with her family.

The Fairdale and Rochelle Illinois Pet Recovery page at Facebook is helping those who have lost or found pets and is sharing information and resources to aid in the effort to rescue pets and reunite them with their families. The page also has video showing some of the devastation brought by the tornado.



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