Deformed Feet Will Not Slow Riley Down Seeking a Forever Home

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Riley, whose legs have been placed into splints to help straighten his deformed legs, is getting close to being ready for adoption. (Photo: Kern County Animal Services Facebook)

When Riley arrived at Kern County Animal Services, Angela Stevens, the rescue coordinator for the organization told Elizabeth Sanchez of The Bakersfield Californian, “(Riley) came in with legs that were like rubber.” The tiny tabby was first introduced on Facebook, wearing splints on his legs.


Sweet little Riley.
This little boy came in several weeks ago with his mom and siblings. As you can see his little legs are deformed. He and his brother are requiring extra attention from our amazing Foster Coordinator (their foster mom). Riley and his brother have been getting daily physical therapy in an attempt to straighten out their tiny legs and today they were splinted by our medical team. These feisty boys are keeping everyone on their toes! 
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The video below was posted a couple of weeks later:

Remember Riley, our little kitten with the deformed feet? He has been having his splints changed every other day, and has already out grown the first set! You can see he still gets around just fine, playing like any other kitten. We are hopeful that the corrective splinting will work, but it is still too early to tell. Fingers crossed!

He has been receiving physical therapy and doing quite well, according to recent posts, and currently living with a foster. Sanchez reached out for an update on the adorable little guy.  “We have taken his wraps off for this week to see how his legs have responded to the splints,” Stevens shared. “He is climbing around, and we are hoping this will build the muscles in his legs, and he will be able to love a normal kitty life.”

Sanchez further shared that while Riley is not available for adoption just yet, he is barely tipping the scales at 1 pound, 11 ounces, shy of the 2 pound requirement, he is getting better every day as he prepares to find his forever home.

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For more information about Riley, and lots of other wonderful animals seeking forever homes, please visit Kern County Animal Services Facebook page and website for details.


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