Daniel the 26 toed cat earns mascot status with shelter after successful fundraising effort

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As we wrote in$26 for 26: Polydactyl Cat Daniel Helps Shelter on November 1, Daniel, the friendly, multi-toed ginger and white cat came to the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center shortly before the organization lost the lease on their storefront facility and set out to raise funds for a move to another suitable building.  Daniel immediately became a favorite with all who met him, so he was a natural to help with the campaign. In “$26 for 26”, donors from across the US and abroad gave $1 for each of Daniel’s toes, in a successful effort. The rescue organization wants to raise more money toward the move by December 23, with Daniel out front to inspire giving. The initially stated goal of $40, 000 has been far surpassed. Of the total amount of $120,000 needed, $80,000 has been raised since Oct. 24; with about $50,000 coming in Daniel’s name.

Daniel and MARC are back in the news today, as a status update on the fundraiser accompanies the news that despite earlier plans to find hims a him, Daniel will remain with MARC as their official mascot.

The video visit below talks about Daniel and how he got the attention of Amy Rowell when she made a visit to animal Control to pick up another cat for rescue. Amy describes her first encounter with Daniel, saying “He was very clearly saying, ‘I need to be rescued, I’d like to be your friend, please pay attention to me. And when a sign is that obvious, we tend to not ignore it.”

MARC rescues animals who are likely to be euthanized and tries to find them homes. There is a link to their website below the video.

Anyone who wishes to contribute can visit the Donation Page of  the MARC website.

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  1. What a GREAT STORY!!!! Beautiful Daniel sure deserves a great home ,what a fantastic outcome for everyone. LOVED THIS !!!

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