Dancing Black Cats Celebrate Company’s 40th Anniversary

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Yamato Transport C0., Ltd., in Japan has decided to do something interesting in celebration of their 40th Anniversary delivering parcels.  As their logo features a mother black cat carefully carrying her kitten, as one is to understand this is the same treatment customers packages receive from Yamato, although one would, most likely, be safe in presuming they use vehicles to perform their work verses their mouths, they decided that celebrating with black cats seemed ideal.

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The result? A rather unusual music video featuring dancing black cats.  Black cats that perform hip hop, disco, and amazing feats of ballet, not to mention their backup dancers clad in white and ears. These lyrics seem to capture the essence of the video:

Yo yo yo, you know in many foreign countries, the song “I stepped on a cat” isn’t a song about cats at all.
Instead it can be the Dog waltz, the Tick March,  the donkey, the duck or the monkey. There’re so many variations.
But everyone across the world loves the melody so this time we decided to change it into a party tube. Meow~
Alright, everybody let’s say it together now! Meow!

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Okay, maybe not.  In fact, the messaging isn’t entirely clear, except perhaps at the end, but as with all things artistic, it is certainly subjective. At the very least, you may find yourself watching it multiple times to capture everything.





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