Dame Helen Highlights Plight of Senior Cats

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Dame Helen 4
Above, Dame Helen Mirren (photo: helenmirren.com), below, Dame Helen (photo: Happy Cats Haven). Both senior ladies with spunk, attitude, and a desire to live life to its fullest.

Dame Helen 2


Dame Helen Mirren was featured in a Super Bowl PSA, discussing with the reckless abandon she credits to being “a notoriously frank and uncensored British lady,” her distaste for those who drive drunk. At 70, she is still full of vim and vigor (or piss and vinegar as she might be more likely to say) and few would question her ability to continue on the happy path to longevity.

Enter one senior cat.  In an email from Sara at Happy Cats in Colorado, she wrote, “When we took in this old, skinny cat a few weeks ago and named her Dame Helen to give her a dignified fresh start, little did we know that the real Dame Helen would be in a Super Bowl PSA tomorrow. We took the liberty of running a Dame Helen PSA of our own to highlight the plight of seniors abandoned just when they need their people the most.”

Dame Helen 3To look at the first Dame Helen next to the second Dame Helen, one can see that both are regal, dignified, and certainly possess the qualities and characteristics that make them very easy to both like and even fall in love.  No one would ever consider tossing Dame Helen the first out into the streets so why should Dame Helen the second be subjected to such treatment?  Sadly, the later shares a fate that is often held for senior cats.  There are those who are fickle and when they find their pets require any kind of commitment and care beyond (maybe) giving them food, water, and the occasional cleaning of the litter box, believe they are disposable. If these people don’t like how old , feisty, uppity, evil and mean, doesn’t want to sit in a lap, listen, or whatever excuse is convenient about the cat, dropping it off somewhere is not an option.  There are resources available, not that anyone with this kind of mentality would be bothered to try and find one.  Truth is, someone who thinks and behaves in that matter should not be around animals at all, let alone have one.

Happy Cats cleverly used the same tone and language of what has now become the  best anti-drunk-driving PSA of all time, playing on the “The collective we are dumbfounded that people still drive drunk,” as delivered by first Dame Helen, to read, “The collective ’we’ are dumbfounded that people don’t take better care of their elders, especially once they get old and need a little more help.”  Well played, Happy Cats.  well played.

Dame Helen 1

Senior cats are special.  Yes, most likely they are set in their ways, but who isn’t when one has had what probably amounts to many bumps, bruises, and challenges in life.  Yes, they may have health issues, but how many of us can say we are at 100%? Yes, you may have to contend with their passing and possibly sooner than you would hope, but consider this; a senior cat will love you completely and unconditionally.  They will be your friend, your confidant, your little bit of sunshine on even the darkest days.  They will make your house a home.

Please consider adopting a senior cat if you are in a position to do so and in a position of seeking the ideal companion. Your local shelter or rescue will be more than happy to help you.  If you would like to sponsor Dame Helen, please call  719-635-5000  or go here to find out about adopting her.  Happy Cats and all the senior cats waiting for forever homes thank you.


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