D.C. Fat Cat Finds a New Home

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Last week in Washington D.C., the Humane Rescue Alliance took in the largest cat to ever come through their doors, 35-pound Symba. Six-year-old Symba was brought to HRA when his owners had to move to an eldercare facility.

Being as much as 15 pounds overweight brings increased risk of health complications. Shelter staff said that when he arrived, Symba was not able to take more than a few steps without losing his breath. So the alliance got him started on a diet and exercise regime. He exercised on a cat wheel and was fed out of food puzzles that are designed to slow down a cat’s eating.


The Humane Rescue Alliance posted photos of Symba on their Facebook page in an attempt to find him a home, and the response was overwhelming. Ceci Ochoa with the HRA said the organization’s phone lines and email were immediately flooded with offers to adopt Symba.

“It was amazing to see all these people step forward and willing to give him the best attention and most appropriate home to better himself,” Ochoa told USA Today.


Friday morning Kiah Berkeley waited hours to be the first in line to adopt the orange tabby. Berkeley said she’s always been captivated by overweight animals.

“My husband asked me just this morning, ‘Why do you want an obese cat?'” Berkeley said. “I can’t explain it. I just love him, he’s adorable.”

Symba left with his new family Friday afternoon— after getting some advice about how to help the cat stick with his new diet regimen.

Symba goes home with his new family. (PHOTO: WUSA)

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