Cute Cat Collars: Stylish Protection for Your Kitty

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We all love our pets, and when it comes to their being safe and secure, there isn’t much most of us won’t do.  From micro chips to vaccinations, that is a good start, but now, more than ever, taking that extra step, getting a collar for your cat, may make all the difference in the world.

Cat Collars = Cat Safety + Owner Security

With fewer than 2% of all cats being found after having gone missing, safeguarding your cat is paramount for their safety and your piece of mind.  While dogs can travel many distances when lost, they have a tendency to remain more visible, given their innate sociability. Cats, however, will hide, particularly from those with whom they are unfamiliar.  It is part of their nature. Of equal concern, it may be more difficult, when filing a report, to present identifiers as many domesticated cat breeds can be more difficult to distinguish. Getting your cat microchipped is the best single way to make sure your cat is identifiable.  Any shelter or vet that receives your pet will be able to determine ownership and get to you immediately.  Putting a Cute Cat Collar on your kitty can provides additional information, such as current vaccinations, but more on that below, that can be a tremendous help to anyone finding your cat, but more on that below.


Indoor Cat vs. Outdoor Cat

Cats can be more difficult to train, but for even the most challenging, food is something to which they will respond.  Consider, for example, if an indoor cat gets outside accidentally, they are likely to return around meal time, knowing they will be fed. However, if they wander over to someone else’s yard and a neighbor starts to feed the cat, it may be difficult to get them both inside and home.  The same can happen with outdoor cats, which is all the more reason to look at safety precautions, including Cute Cat Collars. There are those cats that don’t care for collars, but most will, and the information they can provide to someone who finds your cat can be critical in getting them back to you safely and soundly. A small investment in a cat collar can make all the difference to everyone, and every animal, involved.



Cute Cat Collars Provide Additional Peace of Mind for Any Owner

When someone has a cat as a treasured member of the family, the last thing often thought about is what happens if it gets lost? Having your cat’s information, such as current vaccination information, including rabies, which is legally mandated in most states, and will keep your kitty safe if it comes into contact with other animals that have contracted the virus, and provide the shelter or vet with critical information about the health of your pet.  Rabies is highly dangerous and even a tiny bite, like from a bat which are the largest carrier of rabies, may require an animal being put down.  Sadly, because, it is just as easy to contract it from a stray cat as a stray dog, and the disease is one of the deadliest viruses known to man, there is a 100% fatality rate for untreated patients.

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Getting the Right Cat Collar & Proper Fit

There are some differences between dog and cat collars, particularly as most cats are not walked on a leash.  But you may want to consider some of the following:

  • Buckle collars made of nylon, leather or fabric
  • Reflective collars that can be seen in the dark – espescially effective is your cat hides in dark places, even in the house
  • Elastic collars that can easily slip on and off
  • Breakaway safety collars that will allow kitty to get away safely if caught on something

No matter what type of collar you choose, make sure it is one that fits! You should be able to fit two fingers in between your cat’s neck and the collar. And be sure that the proper ID and vaccination tags are attached to your cat’s collar.


Where to Buy Cute Cat Collars

Cute Cat Collars offers some absolutely adorable 3-packs of collars.  Into something and funky for your cool cat? Check out the Retro Pack. Floral more your (and your cat’s) style? The adorable Flower Pack may be just right.  The Fish Pack is purrfect for almost any kitty with discerning taste and the Reflective Pack features a great cat emblem.  All the collars are breakaway, feature a jingle bell, and comes with the BEMIX LIFETIME WARRANTY CARD.  Right now, each set is specially priced at $9.99, a $10.00 savings! Just imagine: your pet’s safety + security + fun style + great price = a great solution for your peace of mind. 



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