Curious Baby Bear Comes To Visit Kitty

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A mama bear and her three cubs hang around a family’s home eating clover, so it’s not too surprising that this adorable cub has come to the door to pay a visit. The meeting between baby bear and family cat,  from either side of the glass door, is priceless.

The woman who has been observing the bears, and who made the video, says she thinks baby got a bit scared, ’cause he piddled on the deck as he backed away and left.

6 thoughts on “Curious Baby Bear Comes To Visit Kitty”

  1. I can see the bear cub saying to the others, “You should have seen that tiger. It was huge and terrifying!”

  2. Dang they’re lucky mama bear didn’t come charging through the door – they’re usually so protective of their babies! What a cute video though!

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