Culinary Cat And Chef Shop, Cook And Dine Together

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Look out sous chefs of the world. You have competition from a cat. Kohaku is the real star of a series of videos called Jun’s Kitchen in which Jun Yoshizuki and his cat teach you how to prepare some delicious Japanese dishes from start to finish. Most of the episodes begin with  Jun and Haku taking a bike ride together to the store, with Haku enjoying the roadside scenery from a basket.

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Back at the house, Haku supervises from on top the refrigerator or while perched on a chair.

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He sometimes sniffs the produce just to make sure it’s fresh.  Jun’s step-by-step cooking demonstration is fascinating to watch as he moves with grace and efficiency. The kitchen is cheerful and immaculate.  And Kohaku is never far away.  You can follow the instructions in English. Or just watch and enjoy this clever culinary duo at work.

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When the food has been plated, Chef Jun sits down to dine and shares the day’s blue plate special with Kohaku. In this video the chef and his cat prepare Omurice–rice sauteed with chicken and demi-glace sauce, shaped into a little boat and topped with an omelette.

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Did we mention that Jun also shows you how to make some truly dazzling sushi that look like koi fish?

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It’s all very civilized. What makes it appealing is the easy  intimacy between the two. You can follow their adventures on Jun’s Instagram account and YouTube Channel, Jun’s Kitchen. Enjoy!

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