Cucumber Terror

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It is quite fascinating that cats are scared by cucumbers, but the reality is, just like people, something out of place can be a scare for them.  This is evidenced by countless videos that have gone viral about “scaredy cats.”

Animal behaviorists explain this response to the simple fact that cats already have an inherently suspicious nature, so placing an object, any object, would produce the same reaction.  In short, it’s not the cucumbers.

Here are other examples:

Cats vs. Bananas.

Cats vs, Taking a Bath.

And just so you don’t think cats are alone in this, Animals vs. Mirrors.

The trick to the cucumber is silently moving it into a position out of the cat’s sight line.  Still, in the same way that scaring friends by standing in a closet wearing a Jason mask tickles most folks, cats and cucumbers seem to be a quite the popular experiment.   Makes you wonder what will next wreck havoc on the poor, unsuspecting cats of videographers everywhere.

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