Crying kitten is rescued from behind brick wall in East London

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A small kitten was rescued by firefighters who had to bash through a three-layer solid wall to get to him. Kitty was trapped in a narrow gap within the wall that was only a few inches wide.

The kitten was heard crying by a woman last Saturday, October 3, with his faint meows coming from the front of a row of shops in Woodgrange Road, in Forest Gate, East London, UK.

Officers from the RSPCA were called to the scene, bit when they were unable to locate the kitten they brought firefighters in to help.

RSPCA Inspector Kate Ford said the cries seemed to be coming from a solid wall.

“The firefighters started cutting through the metal and there was nothing, so they cut through a wooden panel behind the metal and then they hit brick,” she said.

“I squeezed my finger behind one brick and a little paw touched me, I couldn’t believe we’d found a kitten trapped in there.

“The firefighters broke through the brick and I pulled out a tiny ginger and white kitten. He was dirty and hungry but otherwise OK.

“The gap between the wall and the wooden panel was only a few inches wide, it’s an absolute mystery how he got in there.

“The firefighters were fantastic, they were as determined as me to get to the bottom of the mystery and get that kitten out of there and I really appreciated their help.”

The kitten was taken to RSPCA Harmsworth Hospital where he was treated for fleas and an eye infection. He is 6 to 8 weeks old and is not microchipped. If he is not claimed he will be put up for adoption.

Kitty was named Ken in honor of one of the firefighters who saved him.



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