Cragislist Guy Speaks!

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“Hello! And thank you all for the comments!! You all are making my recent break up much easier” … says Craigslist Guy to those of us who’ve read his amusing breakup post, sent him well wishes, and said we’d like a guy like that. He tells Life With cats readers what it has been like for him since he offered his girlfriend free to a good home when she told him to get rid of his cat companion of 11 years.

The Austin TX man posted in a roundaout way about his breakup on Craigslist, by publicly ditching the gal with great humor by offering her “free to a good home” in a listing that mirrors one that might have been used to give away a cat.

If you haven’t read his ad or want to visit it again, read Craigslist Guy Has The Right Idea for the delightful “Girlfriend says cat has to go!! Free tonight!!  post.

Now he tells Life With Cats readers what the experience of his ad going viral has been like, and how he’s faring.

Craigslist Guy aka username  “misder”  has checked in with us a few times since returning home from a getaway after making the now famous Craigslist post in the Austin TX  edition of the online bulletin board.

The poster, who more than a few ladies have admitted to having a little crush on, seems like a nice, friendly guy and says he appreciates all the messages and comments he has gotten in recent days.

He tells all of us who’ve read and commented at Life With cats:

“Hello! And thank you all for the comments!! You all are making my recent break up much easier. 😮 )

It has taken 2 days to read all the emails and not one person wanted her. This has been an amazing experience. I posted that ad for her cuz i knew one of (her) friends would see it, but this is so much better. I don’t think she even saw it, or has not yet…..

Oh and for any-one that is curious?? She is gone I don’t even know where she is staying. I left my phone and computer and went to the beach to meditate for the weekend. I came in late last night and had a few hundred e-mails to filter through.

Thank you all so much!! I did not even have a single hate mail. Everyone has supported me in this. 😮 )”

Craigslist Guy sounds like a pretty cool guy and we are happy to have crossed paths with him. As so many readers have said, he’s a good man for staying true to his cat and knowing who should stay and who should go when the ultimatum came.

13 thoughts on “Cragislist Guy Speaks!”

  1. Yes, I’m still hoping he will contact me. (Smile)!! Pick me, pick me, I’ve got 5 beautiful kitties. Unfortunately, I’m probably old enough to be his mom.

  2. Hello!! This is hilarious she just found the post awhile ago and to say the least she is angry. I cannot share this email it is explicit and she uses a bunch of names i would rather not have repeated. I did finally get a few emails wanting her, but just to sell her into some sorta slave trade in the middle east. I wonder if there is a craigslist there?

    I have received alot of emails, and i have decided to answer them here as there is no way i can give out my true email or identity for that matter.

    The most common question i am gettin is “what happened next?”
    well to tell the truth i don’t know. All of her stuff looked intact when i left at around 5am. She never came back that night, and claims she went home with someone else. Well good for her. My heart bleeds purple coolaid.

    Are you going to take her back??

    Will you marry me?
    Really? Iam flattered, but now is hardly the time for that. Although all the attention is nice :o)

    Is that a picture of misdermeanor?
    Sorry. I thought that pic was more appropriate for the situation, and alot more people would know who posted that ad if i posted a real pic.

    I love what Life with cats and Austin pets alive, and all pet advocacy groups are doing. Thank you all so much. Also I would like to give my clawball some love. Misder has helped me through some hard times (cyber scratchy)

  3. Good for you “Craigslist Guy… sounds like ur Way better off without her & kitty cats are the best! … I’d also like to state that I have serious issues w/ some “animal activist” people (a woman specifically) that stands on her Hypocritcal soap box about the welfare of animals, but chooses to be a home wrecker & has Negated & Hurt the lives of Children (other Human Beings) & what’s in their best interest/welfare, all for her own Selfish Agenda

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