Couple Rescues “World’s Most Annoying Cat”

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If your cat drives you crazy, but you love him anyway, you will relate to Rachel and Jun, who rescued the badly injured Poki. He got better all right, then turned the whole house upside down.

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Rachel rescued Poki when she saw him in distress by the side of a busy highway. His leg was badly broken and his tail was too, and had to be amputated.

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Yep–he was in bad shape. But they took him to a vet and got him patched back together, then brought him home, as seen in this YouTube video by Rachel and Jun. Once there, he proceeded to ignore the litter box in favor of relieving himself in the potted plants.

And developed a habit of  breaking into cabinets where they kept their cat food–a throw back to the tricks he used to survive when he was a starving stray cat. Rachel and Jun put a lock on the cabinet door.

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Then Poki turned into a domestic dumpster diver who was really good at getting in trash and recycling bins, but not so good at getting out of them.

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And emerged smelling very trashy, and requiring a bath, according to Rachel, who has a sensitive nose. Poki thought he smelled just fine. But Poki also worked his way into their hearts, and made them laugh. And they lived more or less happily ever after.

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